Grooming time. – Heroic STAR Beard Brush Two Piece Set With Cloth Drawstring Bag Grooming Kit.


I have always loved natural bristle brushes. Any type of brush too: paint brushes, makeup brushes, house painting brushes, and yes, hair brushes. They are just so great to use, no matter what the application. I really love this set from the Belle Moi Group on Amazon. It’s their Heroic Star Beard Brush, 2 piece set. There is a brush with a handle, and then an oval, handheld brush without a handle. I love the storage bag that they arrive in. It’s washable and reusable. I can see using the bag to keep the travel brush stored in, and keep it clean. Technically, none are designated as a travel brush, but the one with no handle is so easy to pack, because it has no handle. This brush was given to my husband. He doesn’t have a beard since he is Army, but he has short hair, and these brushes are so wonderful on short hair. The brush with the handle has been given to my son, who absolutely loves it. My older son has been using a natural boar bristle brush for a couple years now, on his beard. The bristles are great on his beard. The bristles brush through your hair without pulling on them. You really aren’t going to damage your hair using these brushes, unless you did it on purpose. The wood used for these brushes is Beachwood. It has a nice varnish on them, and are made very well. The bristles are nice and dense. We had some loose bristles in both brushes when they arrived, and that is very normal for natural bristle brushes. There was no odor to the brushes at all. They are very clean, and feel great on your head. The natural bristles leave your hair looking soft. They are great on both wet and dry hair. You can also use it with oils, in case you like to brush a nice beard oil through your beard. You can wash your brush easily too. I just use a little hand soap, and wash it out in the sink. Then just shake the excess water out, and let it air dry. So, it’s really easy to take care of. This will help you keep your hair healthy and manageable. Since it feels so great on your head to use, you will find yourself taking better care of your hair. For example, my younger son hates brushing his care, but he is liking his new brush, and actually enjoys using it.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: Heroic STAR Beard Brush Two Piece Set With Cloth Drawstring Bag Grooming Kit.

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