Great value and protection with Kangaroo’s 10 Pack of Emergency Thermal Blankets.

We are big fans of being prepared. Our wallets are not, lol. I was ecstatic when I was afforded the opportunity to review this 10 Pack of Emergency Thermal Blankets by Kangaroo on Amazon at a discount in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. When I opened the box, and my mom spotted them, she yelled, “I want one for my car”. So, she now has one in her glove compartment. I highly suggest that everyone keep one blanket per person in their car, just in case. Hopefully they will never be needed, but these have been known to save a life.
Each blanket comes individually wrapped in it’s own ziplock type bag for easy storage. The bag is about 4 3/4″ x 3″ in size. Fully opened, the blanket measure approximately 81 1/4″ long x 51 1/2″ wide. Now that I pulled one out, I’ll never get it back into that bag, lol. So we thought of another use, we can use it as wrapping paper. Waste not, want not is the motto. These blankets are said to reserve/reflect about 90% of your body heat. They are also waterproof and weather proof.
You can use these for other uses than a blanket. If need be you can use one as a sling, to line a pack to hold some water, and to create a temporary shelter just to name a few. If you cut some small pieces off, they can be used as a fishing lure since they’re so shiny. You can create a horseshoe pack to carry supplies if you have to hike out of where you are. There are so many uses, and it’s very easy to research about different uses on the internet these days.
The price for this pack of 10 is wonderful, and if you use prime shipping like I did, it’s awesome. I definitely recommend this product for every family. This is actually an affordable way to add to your family’s security and well being.

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