Family fun. – iRush’s 3D Virtual Reality Video Glasses.


We are not new to VR glasses in my home. They are fun to use. We did discover though, that not everyone can use them. I have one son who injured himself when he was little. He can’t see the full view using the glasses. So, if you have some trouble, you are not alone. The rest of us can enjoy them though. This particular VR headset from iRush are very comfortable to use. They fit larger phones as well. This particular set is stated to fit phones from 4 – 6” in length. I have a Galaxy Note 5, and I can use these with my phone perfectly. I do have to remove it from my Otterbox case though. I have to with every pair of VR glasses we have. These are so easy to use. The front of the glasses has a magnetic closure, so just pull from the top to open. It opens easily for you. You will see the large clip that opens to hold your phone in place. There is a nice foam insert that protects your phone screen when inserted, and it holds your phone very securely as well. The front cover clips on, and can be removed completely. You can turn your camera mode on, and look through the lenses. It’s pretty wild. You can watch 3D movies on here as well as VR games and apps. Your phone does all the work. So, this will only be as good as your phone, really. I downloaded the VaR’s app from the Google Playstore. It is free, and has been working perfectly for me. Once you download the app, just do a search for VR games, and apps. Then download them to your phone. We like the dinosaur and aquarium apps. My son also like the rollercoaster one as well. When you have the goggles on, you really need to be able to stand up, and be able to turn in a full circle to get the full effect. On top of the goggles is a turn wheel. Just move this to adjust the pupil and focal distance as needed. It is adjustable from 55-75mm. I didn’t have to adjust it for myself. The headband is a wide and comfortable, Nylon webbing. It is adjustable on both the sides, and over the head. There is a plastic plate on the back of it to help keep it stabilized. It’s pretty comfortable on. Around the eyes, there is a deep padding done in a pleather like covering. It is very soft, and really makes the comfort of these glasses. It’s a fun experience that both the spectators, and the actual participate in. It’s fun to watch people react to what they are seeing. These can be used by virtually all ages as well.  You can have fun with this from Grandma to grandson, at one gathering. We have, and it’s fun to watch Grandma use it, lol.

I was afforded the opportunity to review iRush’s 3D Virtual Reality Video Glasses, VR Glasses Box, VR Park for 3D Gaming / Movies / Videos, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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