Essentials needed by every family for perparedness. – InYard’s 6 in 1 Camping Gear Kit.

I am really enjoying this 6 in 1 Camping Gear Kit by InYard. I actually own a few of these pieces that come in the bag. That’s how useful and wonderful we think these items are. I already own the exact credit card tool and CRKT spork. We have different versions of all the other components too. These items are absolutely essential to any preparedness measures and camping. It’s important to be prepared for anything when camping. Especially so if you have your family with you that you are responsible for. I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review this product in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. To buy this as a set is not only a smart decision but a good decision for your wallet. I know what these pieces cost separately.
This kit comes with a large, 10L waterproof storage bag. This bag is fantastic on both land and water. If you are out camping, you would want to put your personal items in this before heading out on a canoe or kayak. If this baby goes overboard, it will float. We have lost a wonderful fishing pole and expensive new reel to the waters below, lol. Now, when kayaking, we try to put rod floating devises on those too. Always make sure you rol this down and make sure there’s a tight seal. It’s really easy to do. You can fit so much in here. I like the see thru window too. It’s easier to see if water is getting in and if you forgot to put something you’ll need it there. At a camp site, when night falls, things can get a little more moist because of the temperature dip. This bag will help with that, and it well help to keep bugs off your important items. For example, you can store your matches and dry timber in this bag, so you always have a viable way to make fire.
Also in this kit, is the credit card multi tool. I love mine. My husband gave me one to carry about 4 years ago. It is in perfect condition and has come in handy more than once. It’s great for throwing in our pocket for a quick walk, small enough and handy enough to keep in your purse, like I do. This multi tool has a tooth pick, tweezers, Serrated knife which has a specific shaped wrench openings in it. These can also be used so you can tie the knife onto a piece of wood and used like a spear to acquire food, or try to defend yourself. There is a working compass, a small magnifying glass that could help with signaling, but more likely fire starting. on the side of the card, there is a small multi functional piece that pulls out. This has a can opener, a screw driver,, a razor blade. The razor blade could use some sharpening so it’s more effective. That’s not a big deal to do, and an Awl.
Also in this bag is an emergency whistle. It’s important to have a device like this both on dry land and on the water. We try to make sure we have an emergency whistle attached to our life vests. It can deter strangers from approaching, as well as animals from approaching. It’s a great universal signal for help.
We also already own a CRKT spork. These are so solid and convenient to use and carry. It comes with an included carabineer style clip. You can easily clip it your pack if you wanted to. This utensil also has some tool functions built into it. There are three hex wrenches and a bottle opener. In a pinch, you can dig with it too. It’s solidly built and should last you for years.
It’s very important to have a fire source. An emergency can happen at any time. Being able to start a fire you can then provide light, heat, a cooking source, a source for disinfecting water, and a means to keep animals at bay. Fire is also used for signaling. Included in this kit is a great sized Magnesium rod and striker. The striker even has ruler measurements on it.
There is a separate small bag in this kit than has a 30″x51″ microfiber towel/blanket in it. These absorb so much water. They are fantastic. I have another one already. These absorb water so well, that they are great to carry to the beach, lake or pool. They dry quickly and will help you to keep warm in a pinch. the included microfiber towel will also provide some ground cover for you too. I hate sitting in the dirt myself, lol. The bag can be used for other storage if needed. It is a drawstring bag. The string can be taken out in a pinch. It happens to be a piece of paracord.
The last but not least important item in this incredible kit is a Commando 360 degrees wire saw. I think it is so convenient to be able to carry something so important, but without really adding any weight to your bag or pack. You can use this to cut small branches to help set up snare traps, etc.. You can clear away small branches from your deer stand, and so and so on, lol. It is constructed out of stainless steel and has a 360 degree rotating capability.
This bag is just full of essentials every family should have on hand. I can’t state enough about preparedness. The values in this kit is wonderful and I feel comfortable in recommending it.
If you would like to learn more about this camping kit, you can see it here on Amazon:

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