Bright and Sporty. – BigShop’s Nilight’s 2 x Red 51w Round Led Light 7″ Flood Work Off Road Fog Driving Roof Bar Bumper 4×4.


Stylish and impressive. That’s the sentiment in my family regarding these LED lights. We happen to be LED nuts in my household. Both my husband and older son are commercial electricians. Needless to say I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review BigShop’s Nilight’s 2 x Red 51w Round Led Light 7″ Flood Work Off Road Fog Driving Roof Bar Bumper 4×4, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. You will get 2 boxes in your package. Each light is very nicely packed in a box, with it’s mounting hardware.
The first thing I noticed was how well made they are. Once you get them in hand, you will know what I mean. My older son who is the electrician, helped me go over them too. First I tested them with a 9V battery, believe it or not, to see if they even worked. Obviously, there is not enough juice to make it run, but I could get all the LEDs to flicker, letting me know it was in working order. Then, I used a couple wire nuts and some copper wire, and hooked it directly up to my car’s battery to see it fully run. Always fully test a product before installing it. It makes your life so much easier. These two lights I received worked flawlessly. They are each 51watts of high output power. They are so bright, and can blind you, lol. So, when you test them, angle it away from your face. The housing of each light is made out of Die-cast aluminum. The face is 7? wide and they are 3 1/2? deep. I love the design of the housing. It is rugged but sleek looking. My husband is in love with the red face plate against the black body of the light. It is a really sporty look. The size of the mounting bracket is: 2-5/8? x 2-1/4? x 2-1/4?. It is also made out of Die-cast aluminum. The glass used on the front of the light is tempered glass. They stated toughed glass on their site, and that is a synonym for tempered glass. They use Cree LEDs in the lights. We love Cree lights. They tend to be the clearer and brighter LEDs we come across. It throws a beam angle of about 60 degrees, and it’s light is approx. 3700LM +/-300. Each light has 17 LEDs in it. Each LED is 3 watts. The lifespan of which  is approx. 50,000 hours. These are definitely up for road weather conditions, as well as rough road jostling. They are made better than parts on our cars, lol.  These are definitely a quality product, and extremely bright. They most definitely light up the night.

If you would like to purchase these lights, they can be found here on Amazon: //

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