Beautiful and affordable. – J.Rosée’s Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl Button Stud Earrings.


What lady doesn’t love jewelry.  Jewelry can reflect your attitude for the day. It can even change the mood you are in. I have my favorite outfits, that I tend to wear over and over. Outfits can even be changed up just by adding different jewelry. These earrings are just so pretty. I love the shiny 925 Sterling Silver that they are made out of. They will go easy on your ears, while adding a beautiful style. The freshwater cultured Pearl has a soft gold hue to it; so pretty. The color is soft, so they can be worn with a lot of other colors. Especially since it’s mounted on Sterling Silver. The pearl is flanked by small, clear stones. All the stones on my earrings were set well, and in good shape. Because of the size they do not weigh my ears down. I even forget that they are on. The soft gold hue even picks up some of the colors in your outfit. Today, I wore a pink top and sweater, and my mom thought I was wearing pink earrings. These earrings resemble a heart to me, somewhat. I think the design is quite lovely and appropriate for a large age range.

I was afforded the opportunity to review J.Rosée’s Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl Button Stud Earrings Gold, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. They were sent to me directly from the seller.

If you would like to purchase these earrings, they can currently be purchased for $12.99 on Amazon:

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