An indispensable item to keep on you. – Zilu’s Smart Power Basic 4400mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack.


So many families now are dependent on all of their electronic gadgets. It’s just how we function nowadays. My husband and older sons are always on the phone or pad with work. They have to keep their phones charged at all times, as well as their pads. I myself use my phone as my lifeline. I am quite pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to review Zilu’s Smart Power Basic 4400mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In this package you will receive 1 Zilu charger, 1 micro USB cable, and 1 instruction pamphlet. These are so easy to use, instructions really aren’t necessary.
I also homeschool my son. I like having a back up power source for the both of us. Both in home and when we go out. You never know when your power can go out. Having a back up power source is priceless. My son is nuts for anything electronic, lol. But more importantly, I need to have a phone charged at all time for a couple of important reasons. I suffer from very frequent anaphylactic reactions, and my phone really is my life line. The other reason of course, is to always be available for family. My husband works long hours. He texts and calls all the time. I always want to be available to him and my older sons. My husband is a commercial electrician, and he runs a lot of jobs as well as bids on a lot of jobs. He always needs to have both his pad and phone charged at all times. And since he is the one pulling wire on these job sites, there is normally no conventional electricity to hook up to. A portable power bank is his most convenient option. If he’s up in the ceiling working, but his phone charge is running low. He can hook up to this small in size charger and charge his phone. That’s priceless, really. We both have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 right now. This can easily charge that, as well as his Samsung Pad. This power bank is such a great size. It’s 3 3/4″ long, 1 3/4″ wide and approx. 3/4″ thick. It easily fits into a pocket.
This back up battery source has a 4400mAh capacity. It easily supplies a full charge to our phablet phones. It has 4 little LED lights that light up in a flashing matter while you are charging it via the included micro USB cord. When you are charging your phone, pad, smart watch, flashlight, or whatever else you have that charges via a micro USB cord, these lights are solid on. As the power banks charge is decreasing, less lights will light up. This way you will know if your power bank needs a recharging. This unit has a power button. A lot of power banks don’t. There is also a flashlight built into this unit. You press and hold the power button to activate and deactivate the flashlight. I think this is another great feature, and an important one in a power failure, or car. If your car breaks down, you’ll at least have this flashlight on you. You can even use this flashlight while you are charging your phone. They say this Zilu power bank has a 1000 lifecycles in it, and they offer a 2 year limited warranty with it. My family and I think power banks are indispensable, and this is a great one.

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