An essential oil diffuser that can run all day.


I was afforded the opportunity to review Deckey’s 500ml 7 Colors Changing Ultrasonic Humidifier, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. In your package you will receive 1 diffuser, 1 AC power cord, and 1 water pitcher.


I love diffusers, and use them all of the time. I suffer from numerous anaphylactic reactions due to insane life threatening allergies. So, essential oils are in our daily lives, and they really help. Using a diffuser is the only healthy way to diffuse essential oils throughout the home. They use ionization to break up the particles of oil and water, and spread them into the air. The particles are small enough to inhale. Heating up essential oils is actually unhealthy. It changes their chemical makeup. This unit, even with the lights on, never gets hot to the touch. It remains cool to the touch. The power cord plugs in underneath. The top half lifts off to fill the reservoir with your water, and essential oil of choice. Start with about 7-9 drops of oil, and increase from there. It depends on the size of your room, and the strength of your oil. I love using Eucalyptus oil in mine. It really helps to open the airways, and sinuses, while smelling wonderful too. This particular diffuser has timed settings, as well as a stay on function. You can run it with or without the LEDs, and you can run it on low mist, or high mist. I love all of the options. You press the mist button to turn on the mist, and press it over and over until you get to your desired time setting, or full on. There is a little green LED that moves through the time settings and to full on. There is a separate button for the mist level, and there is a button for the lights. Press it once and they will go on and slowly roll through an array of colors. If you continue to press the light button, it will go through each color individually, so you can choose which color you want on. You can even use the lights, without the diffuser running. This diffuser even runs very quietly. Just remember to clean it out and add fresh water daily. My unit is running flawlessly. I can run it all night with the large reservoir. If it was to run out and I wasn’t paying attention, no worries, it has an automatic shut off when the water runs out. This feature works very well. I am very comfortable recommending this product.


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