An absoluting beautiful piece of furniture for your home. – Toilet Tree Product’s Deluxe Bamboo Shower Seat Bench.

I am really impressed with Toilet Tree Products’ Deluxe Bamboo Shower Seat Bench with Storage Shelf. It is so stylish and functional. Bamboo is known to be great in rooms with moisture, and then you add a wonderful finish, and you are good to go. My older son is a woodworker. He had a piece he built come in 2nd place in a national competition in Las Vegas a few years ago. He said the finish appears to be like one that he likes to use. He also said the piece was too nice for a bathroom, lol.
You will need to assemble this beautiful bench when it arrives. They provide all the necessary hardware. We did not have any included instructions, but it was a simple assembly. There are the 4 legs, the shelf and the seat base, that is it. The hardware is heavy duty. Sometimes with furniture kits, you look at the provided hardware and think, “Are you kidding me?”. That’s definitely not the case with this piece. With proper care, this bench should last a long time
Our bathrooms are pretty small, so we put this in our entry way as a place to sit down and take our shoes off or on. We are a no shoes in the house family. We have a variety of weight ranges up to about 230lbs. This bamboo bench sits solidly. No creaking or any sounds noticed at all. If we ever need seat assistance in the shower due to illness or injury, this will be a great piece. Besides it being solid in build, the slats are perfect for water flow. You won’t have any water build up that cold cause rot and mold. The shelf would make it handy to store soaps, a loofah and razor just perfectly. With the lip on the shelf, your items won’t just slide of either.
We absolutely love this Deluxe Bamboo Shower Seat by Toilet Tree Products and most definitely feel comfortable in highly recommending this product. If you would like to learn more about it,it can be seen here on Amazon:

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