I was afforded the opportunity to review this Ozeri 12″ Green Earth Frying Pan, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This pan arrives as shown.

I am not new to Ozeri cookware. I love it, so I was excited to test this pan out for my Blog. It has a waffle weave patterned texture to the bottom cooking area of the pan. Yes, that’s my own description, lol. It really works well. The surface is non stick, but it is different from the usual. It is a ceramic non stick coating from Germany. It is PTFE and PTOF free. The coating is safe for you, and is very scratch resistant. You will have no fumes or residue in your foods, like you can with some non stick surfaces. This pan is made out of heavy-gauge die cast aluminum. The handle has a great silicone coating to it. I love the handle. It is attached very firmly, and is real comfortable to hold. You also do not need a pot holder whenever you go to doing some hands on cooking.

It really is non stick. My experience with it though, is that you really need to clean the surface well with a degreaser type of soap. Just because your food didn’t stick, don’t skimp on the cleaning. Otherwise, you can have a residue build up and hurt the non stick factor. The waffle weave texture helps with the heat distribution throughout the pan. The elevated textures creates air pockets that distribute the heat evenly throughout the pan. It really does help. Our stove is no longer fully level since our home is on stilts. There always is a hotter spot in our pans, and I normally have to move food around, so part doesn’t burn, while the other food still needs to cook. In this pan, I have not had this issue. This pan also has a magnetized induction stove safe base for rapid heat transfer. You can use this on your induction stove top if you have one.

I made my homemade spaghetti sauce in this pan last night. Something I never make in a pan, because tomato sauce likes to splatter. First I did my ground meat, which cooked evenly. Then I added my tomato puree and seasonings, etc.. I was able to summer my sauce with absolutely no splattering. I am still in disbelief over it. I have never been able to make a sauce without any splattering. I was able to keep the heat lower, and even with no lid, nothing splattered and my sauce was perfect. I am really happy with how well everything cooks in this pan. I love this one, like I love my other ones. The quality is top notch, and cooking on it is a breeze. Remember to take care of your Ozeri pan at clean up time, and will continue to take care of you. I am very comfortable recommending this product.

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