The power of the camera. – Zero Edge’s Z1 Car Black Box.


Every one wants to feel like a super spy at one time or another. This dash cam can help to make you feel that way. When I got my first dash cam, I took my mom out for some errands. We saw a man working on the wires up on a pole in our neighborhood, but there was no work truck to be seen. Having a camera on hand like this, lets you investigate, and to safely do it too. I was very glad to receive the opportunity to review Zero Edge’s Z1 Car Black Box Dash Camera in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In your package you will receive 1 dash cam, I window mount, 1 USB 12V adapter, 1 USB power cord, 1 16gb micro SD card, 1 microfiber cloth, 1 small USB cord, and 1 instruction pamphlet. It is so easy to use, you will be playing super spy in no time.

When you first get your camera, go ahead and make sure everything is there. Then, read the instruction pamphlet. You can insert the micro SD card on the left side of the camera, if the lens is facing away from you. The power button is the top button on the left hand side of the camera, above the micro SD slot. There is even an ok button. It has a vibration mode, so it will automatically turn on and record when your car is running, and it will turn off when you turn your car off. It will stop running after your car has been stopped for 30 seconds. You can take still photos too. Just press the red button in the middle, and voila, you’ve taken a photo. I love the bright, clear screen. It’s so easy to see what you are filming. It has a mic too, so it will pick up what’s being said. The lens view is a 135 degree view. The screen view is 2.4″. You can always keep it sparkling clean too, since a microfiber cleaning cloth was included. It has a special G-sensor built into it too. If the worst happens, and you are in a collision, it has video recording and video locking, to ensure the video will be there for you. You can set the sensitivity level of this. It’s easy to use. Takes HD 1080 quality video and pictures. It has night time sensitivity too. It’s a fantastic dash cam.

This comes with a 16gb card. With my experience, you will fill up almost 14gb over a 60 mile run. I would definitely recommend getting a larger card, and having at least two. That way you can switch them out daily, and download and erase your daily record. My husband and son can drive a lot of hours daily. They would need a lot of memory for a continuous recording. Think about what you drive, and what your needs actually are. You also want to make sure you get a class 10 micro SD card. That takes the better video quality. Have fun, play super spy, be vigilant, and have fun. In regard to our mystery man in the neighborhood. We found his car pulled in someone’s driveway. He was with the electric company after all, haha.

To see the YouTube vide, go here:

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    • Hi, I don’t sell these Black boxes. I just did a review on one. Have you asked the seller for a manual. He sells them on Amazon. They can help you contact the seller through email. Or if you find the product on Amazon, click on the seller, highlighted in blue. When it opens, look for detailed seller information. Click on that, and on the upper right should be a link for their customer service to that seller. You can email directly from there. Good luck.

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