You can play super spy with this Conrov Wi-Fi Mini Portable IP Camera.


It amazes me how small cameras are nowadays. You can literally put one in anything. I love how  they are even connected by Wi-Fi now too. You can keep an eye on your home, your kids, and even your furry kids if you want too. Or maybe even the neighbors, haha. I am quite pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to review Conbrov’s WF81 Mini Portable Wi-Fi IP Camera with Wireless Video at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In your package you will receive 1 camera, 1 neck strap, 1 instruction pamphlet, 1 USB card reader, 1 waterproof sleeve protector, 1 USB charging cable and 3 brackets to hold the camera. You will need to provide your own micro SD memory card.

This camera is so small, I just love it. The first thing you will want to do when your camera arrives is charge it. It has it’s own USB charging cord. It is not a micro USB charging cord, so don’t misplace it. While you are waiting, you can go ahead and go to your Playstore on your phone and download the app MiniIP Cam. It is available for both Android and IOS. I have an Android based phone. The app was free to download. Once your camera is charged, go ahead and insert your micro USB card into the slot on the left side of the camera, if the camera is facing away from you. You really have to push it hard to get it in all the way. It fits in almost completely. You may need to use your nail for this job. To remove it, you’ll need to use your nail to push it in quickly, so it will pop out for you. I had to play with it quite a bit, from what the directions said, to get my phone to find and accept the camera. Once it did, it was happy dance time! As you read the instructions, you’ll see them state as last resort, manually put the camera into your phone. That’s what I had to do. And then, I had to move the switch on the left from P2P to AP on the left side of the camera, go to my Wi-Fi on my phone and have it scan. It found the camera. I connected to the camera, and then went back to the app. You are then going to click on the camera button you have loaded. You should be seeing a live feed from your camera. I was quite excited. But, you are not done yet, lol. You need to be able to get the camera to work on your actual Wi-Fi channel. Now go back to the screen on the app where you see the camera button. Click the wheel on the right of it, and when it opens, click on settings, click on Wi-Fi settings. You should see your homes Wi-Fi. Click on that, type in your password, and press save. Now, it will say you need to reboot. Here’s the trick to this. When you press yes, quickly turn your camera to P2P. And now you wait for it to reboot. Your phone should have switched back to your Wi-Fi. Now press the camera button, and you will have live feed and can record away. The record button is on top of the camera. It will flash blue when recording. It stays steady on blue when on, and steady on red when charging.Your camera should be set until you leave your home and come back, lol. This throws off the Wi-Fi configuration. Once you get the hang of it, it only takes a minute. Now take the micro SD card out of the camera and place it into the provided card reader. Plug this into your computer, and it will pop up. Just open it up and play. I have a newer computer, but had to update my media player. My son has a computer set up for gaming, and it could play on his.

I really like this camera. I did videos at night and during the day. We have all had a lot of fun playing with it. When you have your camera attached, you can go into settings and add your email. I added my email and my husbands email. It sends a test email to make sure you added it correctly. You can even add users to it. I didn’t specify a user yet. I love all the different brackets they gave with the camera. Just remember to get a micro SD card, so you can start playing with it as soon as it arrives.

If you would like to purchase this camera, you can get it here on Amazon:

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