Yea, coloring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – CrownArt- 24 Pack of Colored Pencils.


Yea, coloring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s fun for both adults and children. Even if you think you don’t like coloring, I bet you still have fun helping your kids, lol. That’s what we adults do. Drawing is fun, whether it be free hand or in one of those new Adult Coloring books going around. This is a set of 24 colored pencils. They used high quality pigments, and it shows when you are drawing. The coverage is great, and they are soft to write with. You can do shading well, hard line drawing well; full spectrum colored pencils. These are water resistant, fade resistant/light resistant. They arrive pre-sharpened and ready to go. Mine sharpen easily as well. I absolutely love how vibrant the colors are. They really make your pictures come alive. My son is 8 and likes the adult coloring books as well. He thinks kids coloring books are too childish for him now. I’m so glad there’s this option for him now. With adult coloring books, you need better quality pencils. The areas to color can be so fine and dainty. You can layer with these and blend. Wait till you use them the first time, you will be so happy with them. I, until recently, have only been using low end pencils, that I buy for my son. I always hated using those. They just do not cover well at all. After moving on up to high quality colored pencils, I can never go back again. I used them years ago in Art School. I am so glad they are back in my life. There is no comparison. My son is now officially spoiled too, lol. Coloring, drawing, creating, is so relaxing. I am so glad there are quality colored pencils like these from Crown Art. The colors are just so vibrant in this set.

I was afforded the opportunity to review CrownArt- 24 Pack of Colored Pencils, at a reduced price, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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