Virtual reality comes alive with KREN’s 3D IMAX VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses.


We live in an electronic age, and for the most part it’s a lot of fun. When I was a child, we had a tiny black and white TV, and had to use a wrench to change the channels, lol. Kids today have no clue how far our electronics have advanced. I am getting a kick out of virtual reality glasses. They are a lot of fun. We are not new to them, but I was so pleased to review these Kren 3D Imax VR glasses. They are quite comfortable on , and well made. They even include a remote with this set. Unfortunately, for me, the remote was finicky. It hooked up with Bluetooth immediately as PL-608. They include an instruction booklet too, to let you know how to use the keys and joystick. You can use this as a shutter control, and as a remote. There is a switch on the underside to choose your mode. I could get it to connect and could go through the pages on my screen. No matter what I did would let me choose a selection. I have the Galaxy Note 5.

Now, as far as the VR headset, I love it. The visual is crystal clear. My large Note 5 phone fit in this unit perfectly. To open the front of the unit to insert your phone, the finger holds are on the side. Just pull, and it pops open. Inside, you will find a thick foam pad which helps to hold your firmly in place while you are looking around, moving your head. This headset also has a dial on the side and the top of the unit for you to adjust the lenses, to get the right view for you. I did not have to adjust it, or did my son. The head strap is fully adjustable with Velcro. It’s easy to adjust it so you have a great fit. The straps are soft on your head as well. The back pad is made out of a vinyl, so it too is soft on your head. You will need to download an app to use this. I have downloaded from the Google Playstore the VaR’s VR Video Player app. It works perfectly for me and has never crashed on me. After you download the app, you need to download individual VR apps, like the Aquarium app, the Jurassic App, Rollercoaster app, and more. Now, just turn on the particular app you want to watch, start it, and put it into this headset. That’s it. Now, it takes a minute for your eyes to fully adjust. They might  adjust right away, and they may never adjust. My 21 year old son had a head injury as a child, and his eyes won’t adjust. He always sees a black bar in the middle, and he does not enjoy them. The rest of us really enjoy it. This headset can fit phones from 4 – 6 inches. Now, I wear contacts and have a complex prescription, lol. Since you can adjust the lenses. they state this for people who wear glasses for myopia: “FD and PD Adjustment Function- can directly adjust inter-pupillary distance and focal distance, and use the equipment free of wearing glasses for the myopia.” This relates to the tow dials I mentioned previously.

Have fun with the glasses on. You may need to stand up, and turn in a full circle while wearing these. It’s funny to watch people and how they react. This is a well made set of VR glasses. They are comfortable to wear as well. I am very comfortable recommending these.

I was afforded the opportunity to review KREN 3D IMAX VR Virtual Reality Headset Glasses with Bluetooth Controller, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. you will get 1 remote, 1 headset, and 1 microfiber cleaning cloth in your package.

If you would like to purchase these VR glasses, they can be found here on Amazon:

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