Update your outlets with TOPGREENER’s TU1152QC Quick Charge 2.0 Dual USB Charger Outlet, 36W,15A TR Tamper Resistant.


Is your home taken over by electronics! I know our home is. I love that we can update our outlets now too. We already have multiport USB adapters all over the house. It is so much nicer to be able to just plug into a wall outlet! So much less clutter, and bulk wires running everywhere. What’s really impressive about this outlet, is that it is the world’s first in your wall double Qualcomm Certified quick charge 2.0 USB outlet. That’s pretty impressive. I need that too. We have larger Android based phones, and they need this power to charge quickly. Our tablets are even pickier, and this outlet is perfect for them. Now, I really wish I had more. I really like TopGreener outlets. This is not our first. The products are made well, and work perfectly. They have been very reliable, and the company is great to work with. I will be moving soon, and will be installing this outlet in my new home. I am taking it with me, lol.

This outlet is made well, and met the expectations we had, having already owned TopGreener outlets. The instruction pamphlet included is easy to follow as well. It comes with interchangeable face plates. It arrives with the white one already on it. But, the also include an Ivory one, and a Black one. To take it off, you place a flat head screwdriver to the side of it, and slowly pry it off. The Dual USB ports each reach 18 Wats output: 2.4A/5VDC, 2A/9VDC, 1.5A/12VDC. Pretty impressive, huh!? They really do charge a lot faster than regular USB ports. They are also Smart ports as well. It is not going to overcharge your item. You can charge your IOS products on here as well, without worry. It is also a temper resistant outlet, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones sticking something into the outlet, and hurting themselves. It is deeper than your regular outlet. It is 1 ½” deep. Most people won’t have issues, but you can check your desired outlet before ordering. You can install this in a GFCI outlet, too. Qualcomm outlets charge up to 75% faster. You really do get spoiled by that. To top it off, they even give a 2 year warranty with this outlet. I highly recommend it.

I was afforded the opportunity to review TOPGREENER’s TU1152QC Quick Charge 2.0 Dual USB Charger Outlet, 36W,15A TR Tamper Resistant, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/TOPGREENER-TU1152QC-Charger-Samsung-Resistant/dp/B01F4HBFHA?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage

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