Too much fun!!!! -Kangaroo’s 36″ Kids Trampoline.


My youngest is homeschooled, so there is always some extra energy that he needs to get out. This trampoline has brought so much excitement to my son. He absolutely loves it, and so do I. He has placed it next to his computer table, and he just gets up and bounces and bounces, and then some mini pull ups, lol. He like to lie on his back and pull up with his arms from the bar. He does this throughout the day. It’s a wonderful thing! I am amazed at how well made this unit is. My son is 8 and not a small boy. He is a big, loveable boy. He had a trampoline like this when he was younger. It only handles about ½ the weight this one can. This trampoline is rated for 150lbs. I can even go on it, and I do. That cracks him up as well. This trampoline is very quiet. There are no springs to squeak or make noise. The thick trampoline pad is attached to the metal frame by wide, thick, elastic bands. The surround the metal frame, and are already in place upon arrival. Now, this frame is the hardest part of the assembly. It took my 21 year old son and I to open it up, so it snapped into the open position. Be very careful, and make sure none of your animals or small children are near you when you are putting this part together. You do not want any small fingers getting snapped in with the frame! The frame is literally folded in half. You have to fully open it, causing the two halves to snap into their complimenting hinge. I started to stand on it, lol, while he pushed. It was quite comical, but we did it this way. After that, it’s a breeze to assemble. The legs and handlebar screw on. These pieces are made out of thick metal tubing. They included the screws and Allen Wrench to secure the handlebar onto the frame. The legs just screw on. I thought one leg wasn’t threaded properly, but I got that leg to screw on easily to another post, and then another leg screwed onto the original one just fine. If one starts to catch, just back it off and try again. All of my legs ended going on perfectly. You need to place the covering over the bands before attaching the handlebar. I forgot, and then I had to unscrew the handlebar, lol. Then you use the include bands to secure the cover. It sounds more complicated than it is. It really doesn’t take long to do any of these steps. This is a 36” trampoline. The handlebar stands 31 ½” from the ground, and 22 ½” from the trampoline. It’s a great size. The handlebar is easy to hold onto with its rubberized foam grip. I can’t express how much my son loves his new trampoline. It really is a great addition to our home.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Kangaroo’s Indoor Trampoline For Kids, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives disassembled as shown.

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