The emjoi balls from Yagoozon are here!


12 inch emoji 1

Balls, balls, balls. They are everywhere at my house. We are officially Emoji Central here, lol. Emoji’s are so popular right now too. Both my 21 year old and 8 year old enjoy them. I have noticed that emoji’s have no age limit. They’re part of our culture right now. I’m thrilled that they are at least cheery to look at. They are safe enough to be played with in home. Which is great, because we all tend to get hit in the face, and or items around the house too. This is a set of 12, and they are 12″ in diameter. The have the usual pull out valve to blow up. These are just like the traditional striped beach ball, but with an emoji instead. You will get a random mix of emoji’s in your package. They are clean cut, silly and fun. Great for the whole family. Since you get a pack of 12, these would be great for goody bags, party favors, Easter baskets, pool party, and more. You can hang them up with fishing line for a fun party decoration. I so have not blown them all up! I surely do not have enough room in my house for that. The ones we do have inflated have been put through the Austin test. He has kicked, squished, thrown, tossed, rolled, and beat on these balls. They have been doing great. I haven’t had any split seams, or over leaking going on. They truly work like a traditional beach ball. My 8 year old is thrilled. They are just so cheery to look at.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Yagoozon’s Emoji Universe: 12″ Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls, 12-Pack , at a reduced cost in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives deflated and individually wrapped, as shown.

If you would like to purchase these balls, they can be found here on Amazon:

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