Telling time with elegance. – BINGER’s Women Pearl Quartz Watch with Date Display.


I love seeing people wear watches. I live and breathe with my cell phone, but a watch is also a piece of jewelry, for both man and woman. It’s definitely more refined than always glancing at your phone. Don’t we do that enough already. When we are out with friends and family, do we need to constantly be glancing at our phones. If you are at a business meeting, it is unconscionable to be glancing at your phone. Some companies will even fire you for that. I like the reliability of a watch also. My phone battery runs down fast as it is, lol. 

This watch has a Japanese VX12 quartz movement in it. The casing is stainless steel, and the crystal is a sapphire crystal dial window. The band is approximately ¾’s of an inch wide, and tapers slightly down. The hardware is a warm gold tone. The watch strap is made out of leather. It is thick calfskin, and has a crocodile pattern to it. I love the watch band. It is stiff at first, and you need to give it a break in period. The stitching was done well on the strap. There is a B etched on the strap buckle itself. It’s a nice touch. The watch face is so pretty. The center of it was done in Mother of Pearl, and it’s beautiful. The XII and VI are the only numbers spelled out. The rest are done with Rhinestones. The background is done in a subtle texture. The texture is really, little tiny clovers. It is a beautiful watch. Also on the watch is the day setting of the month. Changing the day setting is a little temperamental, lol. You need to find the sweet spot between pulling the dial all the way out to pushing it back in. Every time I thought I found the half way point, I had not. It’s there, just keep trying. Do the date before setting the time. Otherwise, you will have to reset the time. To set the time, just pull the dial all the way out, and push it back in when you are done. This is a silent running watch. It does have a second hand, which is very important for tasks like pulse and respiration taking. Yes, I used to be a Nurse, lol. It is water resistant. They state up to 330 ft. Just not suitable for Diving. I washed all types of dishes with it. I wash them all by hand, all of the time. I’ve done a ton of hand washing as well. My watch is still working perfectly. It’s still too cold here for swimming. But I can shower with it. If you do this, condition your leather to keep it right. Like I said, it’s a beautiful watchband. The watch is so pretty out in the sunlight. I have always been a Mother of Pearl fan. It has a beautiful luminescence to it. The slight hint of changing colors. It speaks to the artistic heart. It’s very romantic in nature. This watch would make a lovely gift. It’s beautiful, and it’s a well working machine.

binger 2

I was afforded the opportunity to review BINGER’s Women Pearl Quartz Watch with Date Display Romans Numerals, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives very nicely packaged as shown.

If you would like to buy this beautiful watch, it can be found here on Amazon:

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