Tassel Fantastic. – Zhenhui’s Long Black Beaded Tassel Pendant Necklace.


This is a fun necklace. It is so unique, I love it. It is all beaded, and ends in a beaded tassel. It’s one of those pieces that can be worn day or night. It just adds a lot of zest to your outfit. I love the length too. You can just slip it over your head, and even with a ponytail on. I normally would not have gravitated to a necklace like this. I am so glad I had the chance to try it out. It’s so pretty. The larger beads throughout the necklace are faceted. So, when the light hits them, they really sparkle. All of the beading on my necklace was done really well. I do not have any loose spaces, or chipped beads. This is a triple strand necklace as well. The length on this measures out at 24 ½ inches, or 49 inches, depending on how you want to read it, lol. Stretched out the necklace is 241/2” long with my ruler. So, that is how far it hangs down. I keep catching myself playing with it while I’m wearing it. It’s fun to hold by where the tassel starts, lol. It’s a comfortable necklace that becomes part of your outfit. If you like to fiddle with things, than this necklace is definitely for you. Summertime will be a fun time to wear it. All that sun light, will make this necklace a star, and go to piece. For those of you who suffer from metal sensitivities, there is not metal in this necklace, so you’re good. You are free to enjoy this beautiful necklace. The craftsmanship is top notch. It truly is a fun and festive piece to wear.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Zhenhui’s Long Black Beaded Tassel Pendant Necklace for Women, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. In your package you will get the 1 necklace, and a nice black velvet drawstring storage bag.

If you would like to purchase this necklace, it can be found here at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B2SDPFA?m=A2OVPV0QEUZNQU&ref_=v_sp_detail_page

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