Keep your good credit protected. – DASH Co.’s RFID Extra Capacity Bifold Men’s Wallet.


RFID for your financial protection. Now as our kids grow up, we need to talk about another form of protection, lol. Your credit cards need protection too. Without it, you are fair game to predators. RFID wallets are now coming out on the market in all forms and styles. You are no longer limited to those hard cases. I never carried one of those. RFID protection makes it so a predator can’t walk by you and scan your credit cards, thus stealing the card information, and your good credit. It’s pretty much a must have nowadays. This particular wallet, from Dash Wallet is fully protected. For a wallet, it has so much storage too; 9 compartments. The billfold area has 2 compartments to it. You can store checks in one, for those that keep a couple on you, or receipts for work. Or if you are a compulsive organizer, this may be a dream to be able to divide your bills just so. The wallet is made out of a pleather. It has a texture to it. It is not the fake leather style, where its’ smooth. I actually like this better. It has a matte finish to it, and the grip is pretty solid. I like the style of it as well. It is not a plain Jane wallet.

Since it is pleather, there is that usually pleather scent to it. It was very well wrapped up, even inside of the nice gift box it arrives in. The scent starts to fade after you unwrap it. Since it is pleather, it is also easy to wipe off, for you outdoorsy, hardworking people. The cost of this wallet is minimal too. If you are hard on your wallets, like one of my sons is, then this may be a great choice for you. The stitching on this wallet is well done, tight and on point. Mine has no imperfections and measures out at: 5″ x 4″ x 1/4″. It is fully lined, and the lining is black as well. Overall, it’s a well-made wallet, that will help you protect your credit cards, and all for a remarkably low price.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% solely my own. – DASH Co.’s RFID Extra Capacity Bifold Passcase Men’s Wallet.

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A smaller way to wallet. – Shyne Brands’ World-famous 100% genuine leather handcrafted slim wallet from León, Mexico.


It’s so scary, and aggravating, how easy it is for criminals to steal your financial information from you. They just have to walk by you, and they are able to steal your credit card information. You can lose everything in a matter of minutes. I am so glad that they are coming out with so many different RFID wallet options now. This particular wallet from Shyne Brands on Amazon, is a smallet style wallet. We all use one in my family. It’s such a convenient way to carry only what you need on you. This particular one is made out of a soft Lamb Leather, and was made in Mexico. Mine arrived in perfect condition. There was no odor to it upon arrival either. I have received many a leather item in the mail that has reeked of chemicals. I was quite relieved that this one arrived odor free. Even though it is the size of a smallet, it can carry 6 cards and a little bit of cash. There are three card slots on each side, and a center opening. The center opening is not wide enough to put more cards into it. It is just a smidge too small to do that. You can definitely fold up some cash though, and store it in there. Lol, I do not have even close to 6 credit cards, but every store seems to have an awards card, so you can fill the extra slots up with those. I do have to say, that the more cards you put into the wallet, the tighter the slots are. They will loosen with use though, since this wallet was made out of a soft leather. It is fully lined, and does offer the all-important and necessary, RFID protection. The stitching on my smallet was also done well. Overall, I am really happy with it. It fits comfortably in a front pocket as well as a back pocket. I recommend the front pocket for further protection. It is also small enough to throw in my epi-pen bag, when that is all I want to carry into a store. Overall this is a well-made, and convenient carry wallet. It carries only what you need, while providing some security from today’s thieves.

I received this for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Shyne Brands’ World-famous 100% genuine leather handcrafted slim wallet from León, Mexico.

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