Incredibly durable! – Bomber & Company’s Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag and Dopp Kit.


One can really never have enough bags. They wear out, and are always needed. My guys do a lot of on the road work. So, we go through bags. They are tough on them! My husband is also military, so I was intrigued by their military tough claims. I couldn’t wait to play with these bags. This girl loves a challenge. I was also intrigued how they raised over $500,000 in their kickstarter project. That is impressive. You will get the two bags in your set. They arrive in pretty cool packaging as well. The two bags are made out of 100% PU Coated Ripstop Nylon and webbing straps. The hardware is quite impressive. It is solid metal, not cheap at all. The pull cords are made out of Paracord, and not just a piece of it, but an actual braided section of it. The zippers are waterproof zippers as well. These bags truly are rough and tough. It cracks me up, that even the little doodads bag is just as tough. It’s the mini me of the bomber bag. The bomber bag measures out at 16” long x 10” tall, and 10” deep. It has a separate shoulder strap that clips on with the most durable, and cool clips. They are the best I have seen on a shoulder strap. The larger bag has a small zippered pocket on the outside of the bag, and another one on the inside of the bag. It’s amazing how much you can fit in these bags. I fit one of my sons jackets into the smaller bag, and 5 of our jackets into the larger bag. The smaller bag has a great grab handle as well as an exterior zippered pocket. We’ve had a lot of fun testing these bags out. We have been throwing them off our deck, throwing water on them, throwing them around the house, and kicking them around. These babies are truly very durable! After everything I have thrown at them, I still do not have a scratch even on the fabric. This is a great weekender bag, duffle bag, and every day use bag. It’s definitely become a go to bag in our home.

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% solely my own.

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Perfect for every day use as well. – Poweradd [UL Listed] 2-Outlet International Travel Charger Power Adapter.


My husband just got home from a very long deployment. I had to send him and others many travel adapters. They aren’t told they need them until they get to where they are going, too. These come in handy even if you do not leave the states. This particular power adapter with travel adapters and smart USB ports, is a very useful unit. It can be used in home on a daily basis, easily. The US plug adapter is attached to it upon arrival. It does come with 4 different plug adapters which make it useable in the UK, AU, EU, and JP as well. The plugs are easy to change. On the top of the unit, you will see a grey lever. You need to push this to remove the plug, and to place in the new plug adapter. It locks into place firmly as well. Also on this adapter are 2 – 3 prong outlets and 2 smart USB ports. You can just use this in any outlet at home while not traveling. Another really handy feature is the built in micro USB charging adapter. It is wrapped around the unit. Just pull it free and plug in your phone or tablet. My items read it immediately and start charging right away. The same goes for the USB ports. These ports have a nice fit, and they can deliver up to 2.4A for fast charging. IPhones do not require that much, but these are smart ports, and will only deliver what it needs. My Android devices require higher amps, and I am also covered with these. This unit can handle an input of 100V~240V. It has a 24 month warranty too. It’s a very handy unit. Perfect for a countertop outlet since it has the attached micro USB cord. It’s truly perfect for travel, even in the states. My husband and older son work on the road and stay at a lot of hotels. They need travel adapters like this to keep their items charged on the road. It really makes life easier. My unit has been reliable and working well.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Poweradd [UL Listed] 2-Outlet International Travel Charger Power Adapter with Worldwide UK/US/AU/EU/JP Plugs + Dual Intelligent USB Ports, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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With this, you always have power. – Poweradd’s Pilot P1 Power Bank.


Power banks are definitely an essential every home should have nowadays. It’s just as essential as having back up batteries. We use ours for work, travel, emergencies, and when we can’t access an open outlet, lol. This particular power bank is by Poweradd. They call it their Pilot P1. It has an internal 5000mAh battery, as well as a 2A USB out port. Your power bank will arrive with 1 micro USB cord. That is how you charge it up. When fully charged you will see 4 blue LEDS lit up. They go down as you use it. The lights are on the side by the power button. It’s a lightweight unit, and measures out at 5 inches long and 2 ½ inches wide. It is also just under ½ an inch thick. Aesthetically it’s a very sharp looking power bank. I love the textured design. Power wise, it works wonderfully. It has smart charging capabilities. It will detect your device right away and provide what it needs. It charges our Galaxy Note 5 phones very quickly. We were able to charge our phone and a bug vacuum, and still had 25% battery life left on it. You can use this for anything that charges via a USB cord. If you have IOS products, you will need to provide your own cable. The same goes for other specialty charging cables. I plugged my phone into a regular power source, and my husband used this power bank. We were both at about 20% power left. His phone was fully charged, where my phone was still at 69%. So, this charger definitely charges quickly. This is really a great back up power source.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Poweradd’s Pilot P1 Power Bank, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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Beach Time. – Kids To Discover’s Beach Toy Set in Reusable Zippered Bag with Mesh Bag.


It’s almost beach time here in NC, so excited. We live by the coast, and beach toys are a Spring thing. We all start gathering up our summer essentials. I even know a lot of adults that like to have a shovel and a sifter to look for shark teeth with. That would include myself. I love, love, love that this Kids TO Discover set comes with a mesh storage bag. It makes getting those toys to and from the beach, so much easier. My son is not a massive helper when it comes to these things. Give him a bag like this though, and all of a sudden, he can manage it. This set arrives in a clear, vinyl storage bag, and the mesh bag is stored inside of it with the toys. The toys that arrive with this set are: 2 Sand Castle Molds (7″x5″) and (6″x5″), 6 sand molds (alligator, crocodile, turtle, bunny, dinosaur, castle wall), 1 sand sifter, 1 watering can, 1 rake and 1 shovel. The larger sand castle mold is the bucket with handle. My items were different colors from the pictures posted on the ad page, so know that you will get a random color selection. All of my items were yellow, red, green, blue and orange. The sifter is really a lid attachment for the main bucket. It doesn’t snap on, but fits on well. If you want to rinse off your seashells, you can hold the hold the lid on the bucket while tipping the bucket upside down. You can sift a lot of sand through this lid. It also has 2 holes it in, so it’s not just a sifter. It’s definitely a different set up than a lot of beach toys like this. Otherwise it has a lot of similarities. The items are made out of plastic. The shovel and rake are larger than most. Adults can comfortably hold the handles. These are sand quality items, not for digging in dirt and rocks. This is a fun set, and we can’t wait for it to stay warm, lol. Two days ago it was in the 80’s and today it’s in the 50’s and raining. Come on Summer time fun!

I was afforded the opportunity to review Kids To Discover’s Beach Toy Set in Reusable Zippered Bag with Mesh Bag, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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