Stands up to the competition. – Buy Chiefs’ 20oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with 4 Straws Bundle.


My family and I all use these new double walled stainless steel cups. I would feel bad about not using my Tervis cups, but these cups really help keep my cold drinks cold, longer, and our hot coffee drinks, hotter, longer. You really can’t lose with these. This is another brand (Chief) that has entered the competition among the stainless cup industry, lol. It is a 20oz stainless steel insulated cup, with a lid. The lid is just like the lid on our 20oz Yeti that we have. The seal is nice and tight, and holds very well. There is that usual small opening to drink out of. I like that they included the stainless steel straw that will fit into this cup. They actually include a set of 4 stainless steel straws, and 1 straw cleaning brush. This is definitely the eco-friendlier way to go over disposable straws. I have been using a stainless steel straw and cup for a very long time now, and I do not ever taste a flavor difference with the metal. This tumbler has been able to hold its’ own amongst its competitors that we own. I always have an ice cold drink with me, even bedside, so it’s important that my ice last as long as it can. If you just place ice in here, you will have some ice left in it the next day. My throat is always swollen due to frequent anaphylactic reactions, so this is a must have feature for me. I think that’s pretty wild that ice will last so long in this cup; I love that. This cup will not leach chemicals into your drink either. It is obviously BPA free. It will not shatter or crack on you, if you drop it. Your hands will not get cold or hot when holding this either, due to its’ great insulation. Since stainless steel doesn’t rust, you will not have to worry about your cup not lasting for you. We use a Keurig to make our coffee. This will not fit, but if you brew a large cup of coffee, that will fit in here perfectly, and allow enough room for milk. So, the large cup setting is a perfect match for this cup, if you add milk to your coffee. If you drink it black, it still fits, and there will be some room left over in it. Another great to go benefit, is that it will fit into your car cup holders well. It fits into all of my cup holders. This is another must have feature for us as well. This has held up to our testing, and our must haves. They even have it available in the 30oz size as well. It’s a welcomed addition to the stainless tumbler market.

I received this at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: Buy Chiefs’ 20oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with 4 Straws Bundle.

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