The perfect way to laptop, tablet, and Phone. – DBroths’ Ivation Multi-Angle Folding Laptop & Tablet Stand Ventilated Adjustable-Ergonomic Desk.


This is really an interesting piece. It is not only a lap desk, but it is also a tablet and phone stand. It has a built in power bank, and comes with a detachable LED light. So, if you are using this to be lazy, lol, you can be lazy for longer, since you don’t have to get up to charge your phone. This desk has an internal 13,200mAh battery. That is a lot of backup power. You can charge 2 tablets and 2 phones fully on this thing. It’s not the fastest charging device, but it is right on track with the other power banks that we have. I went from 73% to 100% charge on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in approx. 45 minutes. The power bank section did not get hot to the touch while charging either. There are 4 little blue LED lights that go on while you are charging. The 4 lights mean it has a full charge. 3 lights mean 75% battery. 2 lights mean 50% battery. 1 light means 25% battery. It’s a great visual to see where you are at. The include the cord to charge the power bank. It is a micro USB cord, which is easy to replace if you lose or break it. Cords do not last forever. I like how they include an LED light with this stand as well. Makes it easy to read with. It’s a long slender light, and can be a little top heavy. It sits just fine in place, when you take the time to position it. It runs off an USB. This table has 2 USB ports on it to charge from and use. So, you will still have an open USB port while using the light. The table folds down to 11 ¼” x 12 5/8”. When closed up like this it is only 2” wide at its widest point, which is pretty impressive. It will easily fit in your backpack, which is very convenient. The stand opens easily. It doesn’t have any locks to open, just pull to separate, and it opens up. Then, just pull up the legs to open it as a stand. Go toward the center crease, and pull open from that side of the legs. Now, place on a solid surface. This is where you will notice the only con of this set up. There is no lock to keep it open. It will fold in half easily, lol. If you need to carry it open, just carry it with a hand on each end, to keep it open. No that you have it open, it can be used in so many ways. You can use it for your laptop, serving tray, whatever you need. Built in are two stands that can accommodate books, tablets, and your all needed smart phone. The two USB ports are located on the top surface. The way that this stand closes leaves the power bank accessible for charging and use, which is awesome. My stand has been performing really well. I haven’t had any technical issues. It arrived in perfect condition with no imperfections. I have really good luck with Ivation products, and this stand has not let me or my expectations down.

I received this for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – DBroths’ Ivation Multi-Angle Folding Laptop & Tablet Stand Ventilated Adjustable-Ergonomic Desk, Rechargeable Built-In Power Bank with 2 USB Ports & Reading Lamp.

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