These will brighten your way. – South Platte Supply’s LED Safety Lights with Clip & Velcro Strap- (2 Pack).


Whether you have a runner in the family, or just a child that’s not too fond of the dark, these lights can be very helpful. My husband is our runner, and my youngest hates, hates, hates, the dark. Both can fully utilize these. I was intrigued by them, but now that I have them, I really, really like them. These lights are only 2 inches long and 1 inch wide, and they only weigh 2.2oz. You can either clip them on to your laces, belt, pack and more. Or, you can use the included stretchy Velcro straps, and wrap them around your arms, ankle, handlebars. Whatever works best for you. These lights each have a push on/off button on the top side of the light. So, they are easy to operate, and don’t have to be removed to turn them on or off. These are two mode lights. The first press turns them on to solid on, and the second press turns them onto their flashing mode. The third press turns them off. If you are cycling, the flashing mode really helps to get the attention of the cars on the road. You could put one on your outer arm, and one on the back of the bike, like a tail light. It’s weather resistant too, so you don’t have to worry about being caught out in the rain. This is a great set to put in your pack when you head out on a hike. If it starts to get dark, you can pull them out in a flash. It’s a very useful set. It really can be used from anything from fear of the dark to running, and safety.

I was afforded the opportunity to review South Platte Supply’s LED Safety Lights with Clip & Velcro Strap- (2 Pack), for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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Great sound quality. – Vomach’s Bluetooth Earphones.


We use Bluetooth headphones all of the time in my household. They are well loved, lol. My guys live and breathe with them, since they can use them at work and for working out. They always need to be able to take calls as well. With Bluetooth headphones like these, they can continue to work and drive, and still take calls from inspectors, head of the company, clients and more. These headphones are perfect for them, and very slick looking. The design is very modern, and professional. These Vomach Bluetooth Earphones come with a small micro USB charging cable, and 2 pairs of extra silicone earbuds. The controls are on the right ear. The micro USB charging port is on the left ear. The controls are on the right ear are a +, – and multipurpose button. The multipurpose button is on the top, and the other two buttons are on the backside of your ear. This is pretty easy to remember. These headphones have Bluetooth CSR V4.1 technology. You can even connect to two items at the same time. After you connect with the first item, turn off your Bluetooth. Then connect the second item. Now, go ahead and turn the Bluetooth back on the first item.  The sound quality is pretty great, it really is. They have noise isolation as well. Lol, I keep yelling at people when I talk while the music is playing. The bass and instrumental sound well balanced, and clear. Music is really enjoyable with this set up. These talk to you, so there is no guessing. It states things like: Power On, Pairing, Power Off, and it even spells out the incoming call. On the right ears’ + button and – buttons, you long press these to adjust the volume, and short press to either move forward in your play list or restart your song. For the price point these are at, they are awesome. You can get about the usual 30ft away from these, just not down the hallway, around corners, or behind doors. These do get about 5hours of playtime, less if you play the music really loud. If you only use these for calls, maybe closer to 6 hours of battery life. These have in internal 80mAh battery. These also get 200 hours of standby time, and only take a 1 ½ hours to charge. Not too shabby. I really like these headphones.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Vomach’s Bluetooth Earphones, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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