LightingEver’s 16.4ft, 300 LEDs RGB Strip Light Kit Review


LED lighting comes in so many options nowadays. Strip lighting, which is what this is, is so easy to work with, and affords a variety of ways to play with lighting in your home. It can be used for holiday lighting, daily lighting, decorative lighting, and project lighting. This particular kit from Lighting Ever arrives with a 16.4ft strip of RGB, peel and stick lighting, 1 remote with batteries included, 1 user guide, 1 remote adapter, and 1 AC adapter. These lights are not waterproof. They are best used indoors, or on a covered porch away from moisture, or moisture build up. If you need to cut these to fit where you are using them, let’s say, to make a turn, you can. You will need to order light strip connectors though, so they will still work on one run. It can only be cut at a certain spacing, though, so check before you do. The remote is a 44 Key remote. These lights have so many settings. You can choose the basic white lighting, which is my favorite, or one of 20 different light color choices. You can leave it steady on, or on a fade mode, and adjust the speed to your liking. It can also flash through the regular RGB colors on its’ own. They do get warm to the touch when on, but not hot. So make sure they will have some ventilation, where you mount them. This is normal for LED tape lighting. My husband is a commercial electrician and has used it for years. The remote is very responsive, and the lights are bright and clear.  This strip uses 36 watts of power. It has 300 LEDs on it. So, it uses just a little over have the amount of power, that a regular 60 watt bulb uses. No bad at all, for so much light.

Overall, a well working light strip. The remote is very responsive. The lights are nice and clear. Everything is all set up for immediate use, upon arrival.

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I received these at a discount. All opinions are honest and my own.


A great security measure for your home. – Innovative Home’s Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch.


I got really excited about this product, when I first read about it. I’ve always wanted a way to turn my lights on from outside of the house, when I come home at night. It’s not only for safety, but I also have a son who is terrified of the dark. Safety, though, is my main concern. You hear about people coming home, only to find a criminal still in their house. That is a terrifying thought. Being able to walk into the lit environment, allows you to be able to react faster, and more safely. There are a lot of app related products now, but anything like that can be hacked, and then people can just mess with you, and that’s not something I feel like dealing with. This set from Innovative Home is pretty simple to set up. They have two options available. You can get 5 outlets with 2 remotes, or the version I bought. I bought the version that comes with 1 remote and three outlets. I went back and forth over my decision. Since I am a stay at home mom, I decided we really only need one remote for when we all go out together in the evening. Then, at night, we can keep the remote in our bedroom. If we hear a noise, we can turn on the main house lights with our remote, before heading into the rooms to see what it was. Yet, again, another important safety measure.

I am so happy how easy this set is to operate. I mean, the instruction pamphlet is literally a fold out sheet, less than 4 inches tall, lol. On the bottom of each plug in device there is a black button. You press the button, once it’s plugged into the outlet, and hold it. When it flashes, press the number button on the remote that you want it to be paired with. That is it. That is all you have to do. Before you can use the remote, you will need to pull out the plastic tab. It comes ready to go with batteries already installed in it. They designed this item, so when it is plugged into an outlet, you can still use the outlet underneath it. Sometimes these things are so large, that is not possible. The remote has two rows of buttons on it. They are clearly labeled as well. On the left side of the remote, you have the on buttons for 1,2,3, and All. On the right side of the remote, you have the off buttons for 1,2,3, and all. At first I wondered why they separated the on and off functions. After thinking about it, I decided it was a good thing for most people. In an emergency a lot of people can’t think straight. They might press the same button more than once, actually turning the lights back off on themselves. This way, that accident can’t really happen. This remote has a distance of up to 100ft away from the source. Being behind a bunch of walls is an issue. I couldn’t turn on the far away table lamp from behind my bedroom door. If I pointed it out of my bedroom door, then I could turn it on. There were too many obstacles. I still had a long hallway and wall in my way, from behind my bedroom door. I did not have to step out of my bedroom though. Which was a good sign. You can also turn the lights on as you enter the home, as long as those lights are in the main area you are entering. Not only is this a great safety measure, but it helps you conserve energy as well. We try and remember to leave a light on when we go out. Leaving a light on while you aren’t home all day costs money. So, this device can actually save you on your electrical bill as well. Overall, a great working product. It is simple to set up and use. It is a great and affordable safety measure to implement in the home.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Innovative Home’s Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch – Best Electrical Smart Plug On/Off Control – Perfect For Household Appliances/Devices.

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Family fun with this toy! – Avalanche Brands’ Miposaur.


I have a just turned 9, year old son. He loves dinosaurs, and interactive electronics. This toy combines the two. In other words, I have a very, very happy son right now. This toy is silly and fun. Does it run flawlessly, and perfectly, like the directions say. Well, no it doesn’t. But, no toy like this ever has for us, lol. It runs well, and really entertains, so it’s a winner in our eyes. My son does have another interactive toy like this; a cat. So, we are used to how they are supposed to operate. We are liking the additions of the trackball and Miposaur app for our Android devices. That adds two different levels of interaction, which is a nice plus. If you get tired, or bored, of one way, you have two other ways to interact with it at that time. The app is free on Android from the Playstore. Just type in Miposaur in the search, and it comes up as Miposaur from Wowwee Group Ltd. I cannot personally vouch for IOS.  The app did not take up a lot of room on our devices either.

The Miposaur requires 4 AA batteries, and the trackball requires 4 AAA batteries. They are not included, and you will need a Philips Head screwdriver to access the compartments. Our remote links up right away, and we haven’t had any issues with communication between the two. The trackball is easy to hold and use. Part of it is a dial, that you just turn to the action desired. There are no words to read, just pictures of the actions: Dance, Food, Teddy Bear, Ball, Leash and Beat Box modes. The Beat Box mode is so funny, I love it. You can also interact with hand gestures. Overall, it’s pretty easy to do. Sometimes, it doesn’t pick up on the hand gestures. The IR sensors are in located in the nose area. You need to do the gestures clearly in front of this area , and not to fast, or the Miposaur can’t read them. The same goes with the 2 clapping modes. You need to clap loud and clear, and concisely, and it picks it up well. If you rub the back of it’s neck, it makes the cutest sound. My husband, myself, and my now 9 year old, are having a lot of fun with it. Ours has been working very well. Most often when it doesn’t pick up our movements, it’s because we aren’t doing it right, or in the right place. Leash mode has been our most inconsistent mode. It will work on carpet, but definitely works smoother on hard surface flooring. We have also noticed that when using it outside, the sunlight can effect it, making it harder to read what you want it to do. Overall, it is a lot of fun. It brings out a lot of laughter in us. I love how smoothly the app works with the Miposaur. It’s really a fun toy.

I reviewed this product for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: Avalanche Brands’ Miposaur.

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