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I love LED lighting. Be it solar, decorative, holiday, security, or regular indoor house lighting. It is leaps and bounds better then compact fluorescents. Compact fluorescents have powdered mercury in them. You cannot legally throw them away in your trash, and if broken, you actually have a hazardous situation on hand. My son broke one once in his room, goofing around. What a nightmare. You can’t vacuum it up, it goes airborne. Everything has to be done right. It was a good week, if not longer, before he was allowed o go back into his room. They even emit radiation. You can hold a Geiger counter up to one and will pick up a reading; very scary indeed. I still can’t believe that I put them in my kids’ rooms. So, as LEDs emerged on to the market, we were all scared off by the insanely high price. Now that more companies are involved in their production, the price on LED products, has come way down. They are so affordable now, and save you so much on your electric bill. I was shocked to see the difference, but I love it.

I was sent two lights to review from AglaiaDirect. Two LED lights. One is a clip-on task oriented, work light, and the other is a desk lamp. Both lights arrived nicely packaged, and in great working order. I was pleased to see that neither of the lights had any imperfections to them.

The desk lamp, Aglaia LT-T16 LED Rechargeable Desk Lamp, is a 3W lamp. It is definitely a must have to have in home, if only for an emergency too. It is a rechargeable lamp, with an internal 1000mAh battery. If your power goes out, this light will still work for you. It has three settings: low, medium, and high. The touch sensor, to operate it, is on the base of the lamp. First touch brings I on in low, the second moves it to medium, and the third ouch to the high setting. The fourth touch turns it off. I love how the light holds its charge, and can be used unattached from its USB power cord that is included. The one negative is that they did not include an adapter with this product. You can bring this light anywhere to work, and I really love that flexibility. The light can barely be adjusted to its side, but can really be adjusted in the up and down motions. The LED covering is frosted, so this light is very eye friendly. It emits a cool white light, rated 5500 – 6000K. I am not too fond of the cool white light in home. It can be too stark, and remind me of morgue lighting, lol. Since It has the nice covering over the LEDs, the light is actually user friendly. The bottom of this lamp has a soft, foam like material. It stays put pretty well, and won’t mar your furniture. There are actually 20 LEDs in this lamp, with a max output of 220 lumens. Up close and personal, as a able lamp, 220 lumens is quite bright. The average height of this lamp, with the neck bent over, is 13” tall. If you place the neck of the lamp straight up and down, then its’ max height is 18” tall. It’s a very usable size.

The Aglaia LED Desk Lamp with Clamp, is a 4W lamp. Another energy saver. My husband and older son are both commercial electricians and carpenters, wood workers. Having a work light is always needed. This is great task oriented lighting. The base of the light is a clamp. It is a very sturdy clamp indeed, and holds in place perfectly. The clamp is a durable, thick metal, and the inside of the clamp is lined with a foam padding to help keep it from marring your furniture. This light requires a regular outlet to be used. The power cord is separate, but attaches to the part of the cord that is attached to the lamp. The cord has a built in on/off witch. The lamp is a touch lamp, for operation. If you turn it off on the switch on the cord, then touch will not activate it. This is great for people with pets, and or kids. When the light is turned on via the switch on the cord, there is a red ring that turns on, on the base. I like that touch, very sporty, and has a cool factor to it. This entire base is ouch sensitive, so you can ouch it at any point to turn the actual light on. The first touch turns it on low, the second touch turns it on in medium mode, and the third touch turns it on in high mode. The fourth touch then turns the light off. The entire casing of this light is metal, and durable; Aluminum and Iron to be exact. The neck is very flexible, and makes it so easy to direct the light to where you need it. The light given off on this lamp falls into the 4000-4500K color temperature range. It has a fine diffuser on it, and is actually pretty comfortable to work with. It’s still in the cool range, but warmer than the other lamp. MY light meter, about a foot away from the light, had this lamp at 5500 lux, on average. It did move around, and my hand moved. They do not give a specific lumen count for this light. I have not had any issues with the gooseneck failing on me. It has been holding pretty well in the positions I set it in. Overall, I really like how user friendly this light is, as well as the low energy usage of 4W. It does function really well as a task oriented work light.


I received these two lights for free, in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. My opinion expressed is solely my own. I did not profit in any way from this review, or from any future sales of this product from my review.

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eco friendly,Let there be light! – Atek’s Aglaia UL Listed 9W E26 LED Light Bulb, and Atek’s Aglaia 6W E12 LED Filament Candle Light Bulb.


I am a LED nut, just love them! We have switched a lot of the household over to LED bulbs over the year, including outside, and we have noticed a drop in the electric bill. It was a lot larger than anticipated as well, so happy dance time. I just love them. Our kitchen chandelier takes the candelabra size, and all of our other lamps and lights take the standard size bulb. I really like these two from Atek. The candelabra bulb is a 6W LED, and the standard sized Atek bulb is a 9W LED bulb.

The candelabra bulbs are so well made. They are so solid in hand, it’s impressive. It’s definitely a different feel from the incandescent type, that I always feel like I am going to break. You get two in a package of these. They are very well packaged too, so no worries of them breaking during shipment. These LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours. That is a long time! This is a replacement for the traditional 40-60W incandescent bulbs, so they are pretty bright. These do not have a light filter on them, so they are best used in a shade situation, or they can be too bright on the eyes. This is not a dimmable light. But it is a really nice warm white light. They are a tad longer than the 30-40W equivalents. These measure out at 5.5” long from bottom to tip.


The regular everyday bulb has the eye filter built into it, so It affords plenty of light, but is still nice on the eyes. This is a 9W bulb and is equivalent to a 60-75W incandescent bulb. Which is pretty bright, and really lightens a room. It is rated to last 35,000 hours. I love how durable these bulbs are. I don’t have to worry about my kids goofing around. I had one of my sons break their compact fluorescent that was in their ceiling fan. Those have powdered Mercury in them, which is highly toxic. What a nightmare that was to clean up. You can’t vacuum it, because it kicks it and disperses it in the air. He didn’t sleep in his room for a week, and I had to throw so much away. These have no chemicals in them, last a long time, and are so durable. These are perfect for a child’s room. They offer a cool white light, and are non-dimmable.


Overall, these lights are solid, and offer bright, clear light. They are non-toxic and safe for the environment. They are very energy efficient, and will save you money on your electric bill.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Atek’s Aglaia UL Listed 9W E26 LED Light Bulb, and Atek’s Aglaia 6W E12 LED Filament Candle Light Bulb, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. These were sent to me directly from the seller.

If you would like to purchase these quality bulbs, they can be found here on Amazon:



Portable, solar lighting. – Vproof Direct’s Solar Light Portable Magnet Outdoor/ Indoor Rainproof Solar Lantern.


I am an LED nut, and a solar one too. You really can’t beat the combination either. LEDs are so durable and long lasting. I love how clear and bright their lights are too. I hate compact flourescents, and am so glad they are being used less and less. People treat them like a regular light bulb, when they are filled with a powder form of Mercury, which is so toxic. My older on broke one once in his room. What an extreme nightmare that was. Kids and animals can break LED lights in the home, without worry of any toxic fallout. So yea, I love LEDs!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have a collection. I am not to fond of the dark, and either is my youngest. It’s great to have a back of source of light when the lights go out do to a storm, or while traveling. This particular light is so cool. I love it. Not only is it waterproof, an LED, and solar powered, but is also has magnets on the back of it. It really holds too! And, to add icing to the cake, it also has a loop, so it can be hung and/or attach your own carabineer clip to it. That way you can clip it to your pack, solar panel out, so it charges throughout the day. This light is lightweight at 3.2oz and measures only 5” in diameter. It has 10 LEDs in it, and three modes: low, high, and a slow strobe/flash. That is the order how they come on as well. On low, which is still pretty bright, this light can go up to 8 hours on a full charge, and up to 5 on the other modes. I charged mine up through my window in the living room, so It’s so simple to do. On high, this light is 90 lumens, and can illuminate approx. 15sq. ft. of light. I have to admit, I didn’t measure the light area, lol. But, I can say, it really does illuminate a good area. It would definitely light up a tent, or the inside of a work trailer. It has a 3.7VDC Lithium Polymer Battery in it. There is only one button on the back of the light, in the middle of the solar panel. This operates the entire light; so simple. If you had to get out of your vehicle at night, in the dark, this light wood really be helpful. It would stick to the outside of the car, and give you hands free light, which is a great safety aid. I love that. You can have it charge by throwing it on your dash during the day, and then it can really serve as a great emergency light if you should need it, at night. I really can’t say enough about this light. It has so many useful attributes to it. It has quickly become one of my favorites.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Vproof Direct’s Solar Light Portable Magnet Outdoor/ Indoor Rainproof Solar Lantern, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Portable-Rainproof-Rechargeable-emergency-Adventure/dp/B01D9LIZ0S?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage

Meet the Dragon from Vomach.


I live in a home of gamers, lol. Especially computer gaming. These headphones are definitely getting some use. The have two 3.5mm cables and one USB cable attached to it. The USB is to power the green LED lighting throughout the headphones. I love the green LED lighting on these Vomach Dragon headphones. It really adds to the gaming environment. The mic on these actually lights up green as well. You do not have to use the LED lighting in order to use the headphones. My younger son’s computer isn’t set up for him to use the LEDs while using the headphones, unfortunately. My computer is, as well as my older son’s. One Aux cable powers the mic and headphones, and one just does the headphones, and no mic. No, they are not labeled, lol. My younger son always speaks to his friend while they play games, and the mic has been very clear for him. There is a mic off switch and a volume control bar, part way down the 2meter cable, and they are very easy to operate. It’s pretty generous in size, which is good for him, because he can’t sit still. The mic is clear on both ends too. You will not have to yell and keep repeating yourself with this one. I listened to videos and the sound is very clear. Both the bass and instrumental were pretty level. No weird pitches, no static, or lag. My son says they are perfect. And he is not a fan of headphones. He’d rather scream into the computer. It’s a lot of fun, lol. The ends of the Aux cables are gold plated for enhanced performance. The headband itself has a spring loaded adjustment to fit your head, and allow for comfortable movement and fit. The ear padding is very soft on the ears as well. On the inside of the ear cups you will see a screen printed Dragon; a nice touch if I do say so myself. Overall, we are very pleased with the Dragon from Vomach.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Vomach’s Dragon Green Over-Ear Wired Stereo Gaming Headset with Mic, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase these headphones, they can be found here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Vomach-Over-Ear-Headset-Passive-Canceling/dp/B01CXRQGEQ?ie=UTF8&colid=1Q5LLWSJLS46O&coliid=IPIUSTHFRN2C7&ref_=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl

So easy to operate. -Lightingmama’s Stage Lights with 12 LED Par RGB Lighting by Remote Control and DMX512


Stage lighting is a lot of fun. I have been able to review a few of them, and my favorite are by far, the ones that come with a remote, lol. Remotes do make things better. This particular stage light is quite user friendly too. They are not all like that! With the remote you can change up the light settings, colors, speeds, and turn it on and off. It runs pretty quiet for stage lighting also. When it arrives you will need to pull the plastic tab out of the remote. It comes with the battery. The stage light has the power plug attached to it. You do need to attach the arm bracket which acts as both the stand and hanging bracket for the light. Just unscrew the knobs on the side of it, and use those to attach it to the light. This light also has DMX in and outputs on the back of it. Lose the remote, no problem. You have the ability to manual set it on the back, as long as you know the settings. They do include an instruction booklet with the light. This is a 12 par light. It has 3 green, 3 red, 3 white, and 3 blue LEDs in it. It gets a little warm to the touch while running, which is much better than the old lights. It does have an internal fan to keep the heat level at bay. It also doesn’t use as much electricity; only 12W. The modes this unit has are: Auto-Play mode, Sound active mode, DMX mode, and Master-Slave mode. For the amount this light can do, it’s amazingly small in stature. It is only 5” in diameter, and 5 ½” deep with stand. But it really fills the room with fun lights. Being lightweight, it is perfect for parties, and really perfect for DJ’s. My light is running flawlessly, and I am very comfortable recommending this product.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Lightingmama’s Stage Lights with 12 LED Par RGB Lighting by Remote Control and DMX512, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C2A93VC?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage