Chocolicious! – Wild Dark Chocolate Powder.



I love chocolate. But, since I have developed insane food allergies, as well as allergies to additives, and preservatives, it’s hard for me to buy it. The same goes for cocoa powder. I love this product for several reasons: Non GMO, Organic, and Incredible flavor. I received the smallest of the sizes available: 4oz. But, they also have it available in an 8oz package, as well as a 12oz package. I like being able to get a smaller batch of a new product. I hate wasting food, if I do not like it, or if it tuens out I cannot tolerate it. I love companies who are proud to say they use Non GMO ingredients. These is 100% natural, and organic. I love the consistency, the flavor, and the fact that the package reseals easily during use. I love knowing that when I bake for my family, that they are at least eating a chemical free, and healthy dessert. I hate knowing that so many carcinogenic ingredients are in so many foods nowadays; it’s horrifying. This product is easy to use. Use it like any other cocoa product. It’s perfect to bake with and has a wonderful, wonderful flavor. I really can’t say enough positive. I absolutely love this product.


 I Received this at a discount. I was under no obligation to leave my unbiased and honest review. – Organic Cocoa Powder, Wild Dark Chocolate Powder, Handcrafted, Single-Origin, Fair Trade, Organic, Non-Alkalized Chocolate from…

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The best pans! – 8″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri.


Yes, I love Ozeri pans. They are absolutely fantastic. I have been using them for about a solid year now, if not longer, and they are fantastic. I received this 8” Green Earth frying pan to review. It is perfect for a single person, or if you are just cooking for one that day. But, I love to use this pan for omelets. We make small ones at a time, per person, in our family. These have the most unique finish on them, that seems to be taking off with copycats nowadays. It has a ceramic, nonstick coating. So not your usual, not good for you, nonstick finish. They use what is called Greblon Ceramic. It is from Germany, from nature, and is 100% PTFE, PFOA and APEO free. So, it is very healthy and eco-friendly as well. The pan is also made out of a heavy gauge die-cast aluminum. There are no heavy metals involved. You also don’t have to worry about any chemicals as well. These are extremely important qualities to me. I suffer from extreme food and more, allergies and suffer frequent, frequent, anaphylactic reactions. I also have to cook everything from scratch, and do the majority of cooking in our home. I really can’t tolerate inferior cookware because of all of this. These pans are truly a joy to cook with. They have a real solid feel to them. They are not thin, lightweight pans that will burn half your food, while the other have is raw, lol. I think we have all owned pans like that. These cook very evenly.

However, if you stove is not level, and your burner has issues, this pan is not magical, ok. The handle is also a thick metal, and has a silicon covering over most of the handle. It has great heat resistance, and affords a really great grip. A good enough grip to attempt the omelet flip. The handles is riveted onto the pan, and very firmly done. The inside of the pan has a beehive pattern texture to it. This helps afford the even cooking this pan gives you. Another key feature is the base of the pan. It’s pretty high tech looking. The bottom of the pan is a magnetized bottom. It allows for rapid heat transfer that an induction stove offers. So, yes, these pans are even induction stove friendly. So, if you can’t afford an induction stove, but have splurged for a single burner induction stove for traveling, and back up. Then, you can use this pan on that. That is what we have, lol; the single burner. They do offer these pans in other sized besides the 8” I just tested.

They have something for everyone. This is really a great quality pan. I can’t say that enough. Even though cleanup is a breeze, make sure you use a degreasing top of soap on it. If you have buildup, you will minimize the awesome nonstick feature. Also, you want to make sure you use nonabrasive sponges and soap on this as well, to protect the cooking surface. The pans I have had for around a year now, are all in perfect condition. I hand wash everything, and haven’t had any break down in any part of my pans. I use Dawn dish soap on mine, and that works great. Overall this is a very sturdy, well made pan. It offers great, even nonstick cooking. I really can’t say enough positive about it. I absolutely love it.


I received this, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – 8″ Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri, with Textured Ceramic Non-Stick Coating from Germany (100% PTFE, PFOA and APEO Free).

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The healthy way to light your home. – Skullis’ Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamp with Dimmable Switch.


I am a fan of salt rock lamps. My mom has had one for years. It’s something that is not only beautiful to have in home, but is also beneficial for you. The ways that it can be beneficial to you are also personal. Or example, I find the light very soothing and relaxing, where others may not even care about it. Sometimes things that are very beneficial to your wellbeing are more of a personal choice.  I received this salt lamp from Skullis in their smaller size. This lamp can range anywhere from 3 – 4.5lbs in size. They do also offer it in a larger size, 6-11lbs. What I really appreciate, is that when my light arrived, they had also included 3 bulbs with it. It only uses 1 bulb, but now I have two for back up. The bulbs are 15 watt bulbs. I want to see if I can find a LED alternative. Since they packed it so well, all three bulbs worked upon arrival as well. In matter of fact, the entire lamp was wrapped really well. I had to use scissors to cut off the saran wrap type wrapping protecting the salt lamp itself. This unit uses a traditional house plug. It is American 2 prong plug as well. The salt lamp is a natural Himalayan salt lamp. The color when the lamp isn’t on is a darker orange/pink. Salmon may be the more correct way to call the color. Since it is a natural product, the color may vary. When the lamp is on, the entire salt lamp glows a brighter hue. It is so gorgeous on. You can determine the brightness level too. There is a dimmer on the cord approx.. ¼ of the way down the cord. Now, the salt rock is separate from the lamp base. Screw on the light bulb, and plug in the base. Then, carefully rest the salt rock on top of the light bulb. There is obviously a hole cut out of the center, bottom of the salt rock to accommodate the bulb. For all of you thinking, what the heck does this lamp do, this is from the ad page directly: “Natural Himalayan salt lamp will absorb moisture from the air, and then evaporated to release negative ions. It can play a role in purifying the air, called natural ionic air purifiers”. I obviously can’t measure what’s going on in the air when I use it, but Even my mom enjoys having one in her home, and she hates using electricity if she doesn’t have to, lol. They make a great accent light/night light as well. They are truly relaxing to have on in the evening. The warm glow is gorgeous, and knowing it helps your air makes it extra soothing, mentally. It does help the ambiance for the room for a romantic evening as well. After being on for hours, the light does not get hot to the touch. You can gran it with your palm fully embracing it, and it is only slightly warm to the touch. That is a great thing when you have pets and children in the home. You can feel safe with this on. Now, from past experience, my mom states that if you open your windows a lot, the humidity can eat at the salt block of the light. So, you might want to place it in a more non humid environment. We normally have the air conditioner on, but her air went out a few years ago, and experienced this with her Rock Salt Lamp, then. I absolutely love my Himalayan Salt Lamp. It’s a great addition to our home.

I received this product at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.  – Skullis’ YYout Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamp with Dimmable Switch, Electric Wire and Three 15W Bulbs, 3 – 5 lbs.

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Perfect in your daily beauty routine. – FoxBrim’s 100% Pure Organic Castor Oil.


I have been using organic castor oil for a few years now. I use it in my homemade soap, as well as straight out of the bottle. I absolutely love this product. This particular bottle of Organic Castor Oil from FoxBrim, on Amazon, is one of my favorites. The bottle is a great size, and I keep it in the bathroom as part of my skincare regimen. I rotate my all natural oils during the week, and this is one of them. I have used this product in the past, so I am very familiar with it, and can honestly say it’s one of my favorites. It is a 4oz glass bottle. It’s a dark brown glass bottle. No chemicals will leach into it since it’s a glass bottle too. Castor oil is extracted from the Castor seed. No Hexane was used to process this product either. People don’t realize it, but a lot of horrible chemicals are used to process what are supposed to be healthy oils. This is organic and Hexane free. Castor oil is known for its high antioxidant count and anti-inflammatory properties. That is what makes it great for skin care. The oil is on the thicker side. Even though, it does seep into the skin. I like to use it as a lip gloss too, since it’s thicker. It doesn’t taste bad as a lip gloss either, lol. I get a ton of allergic breakouts, and quickly keep them at bay with natural oils. This Castor oil has been very beneficial to my skin. I use it on my face and throat a lot, since that is where I have most of my issues. It’s amazing how fast this natural oil can heal a sore, whereas any prescription I’ve received has not healed my skin. They start to improve it, but then it stops working. I only use natural oils now. Since it is thicker, sometimes I add a couple drops of my tea tree oil to it, and then rub it on my affected area. It’s a very healthy carrier oil when I use it like that. Castor oil is also rich in fatty acids, which also makes it very healthy for your hair, skin, and nails. It really does help too, from my personal experience. You can rub this on your feet before bedtime, and around your nailbeds. I love it in my homemade soaps. This is just a win, win product. There was no animal testing done with this brand. It is a cold pressed, unrefined organic product. I most definitely recommend it.

I received this product for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – FoxBrim’s 100% Pure Organic Castor Oil.

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A different way to diffuse. – Innovation Product’s Electric Fragrance Oil Lamp, Essential Oil Diffuser with 35 Watt Halogen Bulb and Touch Dimmer Switch.


I love essential oils. I use them all of the time. I normally use essential oil diffusers to disperse them throughout the room. This light is different. It’s a light/fragrance lamp. You can use it without the plate, as just a nice accent lamp/nightlight. This lamp comes with a 35W halogen bulb, and a glass plate. The power cord is attached. You can use it with or without the plate. It is not recommended to leave the plate on longer than 8 hours. It does get hot. It is also not recommended to place oil on the plate if it’s already hot. The light does get warm to the touch. Little ones might burn themselves on it. This would be something I would recommend placing on a counter top, away from the edge, if you have little ones, or inquisitive pets. It doesn’t feel hot to me. I can wrap my hand completely around it. I can also lift the plate up, and hold it on the palm of my hand when heated up. It is ok to use essential oils on this unit. I did some research to make sure it was healthy to do, and it’s fine. Only use pure essential oils, for healthy benefits. It is a nice, all natural way to freshen up your home. Most store bought air fresheners are so unhealthy for you. Right now I have lemongrass on my plate. I like to use Lavender and Eucalyptus a lot, as well. You also want to make sure the plate is cooled off before washing it. Otherwise, you will have a cracked plate on your hands. The attached cord to this lamp is a 2 prong plug. So, it is handy to be plugged in anywhere. It also has the power/dimmer switch attached to it. It is placed approx. ½ way down the cord. The cord is just under 4 feet long. The turn knob is pretty cool. It is a lot larger than I am used to. It is so easy to turn, and dim or brighten the light. You can turn it on and off here as well. The lamp has a honeycomb like pattern built into it It throws a really pretty light pattern. I received it in pink, but they currently have it available in purple as well. The unit is made well. It’s thick and solid, not easily broken. I placed about 5 drops of oil on the plate at a time. It lasts for a few hours that way, which is a good amount of time. With the plate on it, it is only 4 ½” tall. So, it’s a very convenient size. I love it as a nightlight. It’s a really pretty light.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Innovation Product’s Electric Fragrance Oil Lamp, Essential Oil Diffuser with 35 Watt Halogen Bulb and Touch Dimmer Switch, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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A great antioxidant. – Think Remedy’s Aged Black Garlic.


I am not new to taking garlic. I’ve taken it before when my health wasn’t at its best. It’s most definitely a helpful supplement. I’ve been taking this bottle for a week now. I really needed it too. I’ve had 3 anaphylactic reactions this past week, and they have kicked my butt. This supplement is helping me stave away infection from my tightly closed airways. It happens all the time, and taking this helps my body rebound a lot faster than without. The dosage of this Black Aged Garlic is 2 capsules daily. The capsules are slender, and easy to get down. They do not bother my stomach in the least. I love, love, love the smell of garlic, so I enjoy taking them. This aged black garlic is a strong antioxidant. That is why I take it. They state it can help you maintain a healthier blood pressure and cholesterol level. I do not have those issues personally, but as a strong antioxidant, it has worked well for me. There is 800mg of Aged Black Garlic in each serving, as well as 1.2mg of S-Allyl-Cysteine. This helps the garlic maintain its antioxidant properties. The non-essential ingredients include rice concentrate and the capsule, which is made out of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose. Another fantastic aspect of this antioxidant is that it is proudly, GMO free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that, and I look for that in everything I take. This product is also 100% North American Garlic, processed in Wisconsin. I am really happy with this product as an antioxidant, and I am comfortable recommending it.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Think Remedy’s Aged Black Garlic, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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