LinenSpa’s Weekender Queen Bedframe


We are renovating an older home, and are getting ready to move in. Since we have had our stuff in storage for a long time, we needed new bedding, and furniture. This Queen sized platform bed frame has really come in handy. I am only used to owning the low, traditional metal bedframes. This one is more modern, taller, and a lot sturdier. There are no large gaps to this frame. You really can literally put any type of mattress on it, and no box spring, or plywood is required. I measured the bedframe, and it indeed measures out at 14″ tall, 58″ wide, and 78″ long. The clearance under the bed is 13″. Since there are cross supports, you can fit 4 large containers under the bed for storage. Having extra storage space is pretty awesome. The company was not lying in their description; no tools are required to put this together. No skill set either, lol. You really just need to tighten up the leg supports. I like how it folds up. If you have to move frequently, (for example, if you are in the military), this is a great bedframe for you. It’s also great to store, and pull out to use with a nice air mattress, for company. Overall, this frame has turned out to be very well made, sturdy, easy to set up, and solid. We are really happy with it.

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I received this at a discount. All opinions are honest and my own.

Bling and Beautify your home with Sunshower-Us’ 40mm Glass Furniture crystal cabinet knobs drawer Pulls.


I love these knobs. They are so pretty. I have always loved the old glass knobs from the past, so I am so happy to see glass knobs coming back in style. It adds some bling and sparkle into our lives. Everyone needs some sparkle too. These knobs arrived in perfect condition. They are individually wrapped inside their own box, inside of another box. The set of 10 screws will be in a separate little bag. You will get 10 knobs in this set. These are 40mm in diameter glass knobs. The metal base is 25mm in size. These are great for cabinet doors, and drawers. You can also use them to build your own hanging rack for jewelry, clothes, etc.. These are round knobs, and have so many facets cut in them. Mine arrived in perfect condition. They are sooooooooooo pretty! Because of their size, they are extremely easy to grasp and use. The light plays off of the facets in the glass and really makes them shine. The metal base was done in a silver tone, with a high polish chrome shine. The knobs are secured to the base securely. I do not have an issues with mine. The price point is low for 10 knobs like this. They are currently at $20.99 with free Prime shipping. That is a lot less than my local hardware store; almost by half. They are definitely worth ordering.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Sunshower-Us’ OTTFF dia 40mm Glass Furniture crystal cabinet knobs drawer Pulls, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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Secure it with Groovy Baby Products’ Furniture Wall Straps with Metal Buckles for Extra Safety (2-Pack).


Years ago I did in home day care. I also have raised 3 boys. I so wish I had owned straps like this back then. I was always worried about furniture toppling over. These are so easy to set up. No measuring and thinking necessary, like it you are trying to make your own mounts. These are set to go out of the package. When my oldest was little he immediately pulled a bookshelf down at my sisters. My second child climbed everything and used to freak me out. Straps like this are so important to have. They can literally save your child’s life. I am pretty happy with this set up too. They include everything but the tools needed to install. You will need a mixture of a larger flat head bit, to a couple different sized Phillips Head bits for this project. You get 1 complete set to secure 1 TV or piece of furniture to a wall, or the TV to its console table. There are 2 straps in this package, so if you have a large wall unit, you may need more. The straps are made out of what appears to be Nylon webbing, like you see on your backpack or some belts. The mounting plates are metal, and quite durable. The straps are threaded through a tough metal buckle with a lot of teeth on it. It will not move on you at all. You have to press it in order to move the strap through. The straps are 34 inches long, each. They even included several sized screws to help suit your mounting needs. You can mount your TV to the console or wall. Our house is on stilts, and we have the Marines fly over all the time. The TV shakes a lot, lol. So between that and my 8 year old bouncing around, Grandma has been very worried about the TV. These straps have come in handy with easing her mind. I love how light the TVs are, but they sure don’t stay put like the older box like ones, that’s for sure. I’m very happy with the quality of these straps.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Groovy Baby Products’ Furniture Wall Straps with Metal Buckles for Extra Safety (2-Pack), at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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Such a verstaile shoe bench. – Songmics High-Low-Seat 2-Tier Entryway Shoe Bench w’ Boot Storage.


I like having a bench to sit on to do shoes, wait for everyone to get ready, etc.. They end up being very handy in a home. This one is so different from what I am used to seeing. It has an even smaller bench seat on the end of it. If you have a toddler, this end would be perfect. You could sit your little one down there while putting on their shoes. If you don’t have a little one, you can place a pretty basket, or plant in that spot. This shoe bench doesn’t arrive assembled. That is up to you. It is pretty easy to assemble though, no skill required. The directions included are pretty clear. They even include the special Allen wrench you will need to assemble the entire bench. My bench arrived in pretty good shape. My bag of hardware had opened up in transit. I scoured the box to make sure I had all of the screws, and then went over my pieces. Only one leg needed some tinkering prior to assembly. The plastic foot needed to be hammered in a little. That’s all I had to fix. The screws screw way past the holes, but, they are pretty well hidden inside of the bench. You would have to look underneath this to see them. Assembled, it does look just like the ad.

Once assembled, it easily handles my weight, and my son’s, at the same time. You can fit 5 large pairs of shoes underneath of it, as well as a pair of Cowboy Boots. I love that they included a space for boots. My guys love their boots, be it Cowboy boots or work boots. You could however, get baskets to fit on these shelves, and store things like hats, gloves, and scarves in them. It’s a pretty piece, and you can be creative with it. You can use it at the food of your bed, and store extra blankets and slippers on the shelves. This bench was built to hold up to 400lbs. They used pretty hardy hardware, so I can see that weight limit on this bench. This bench measures out at 44 ½ inches long x 11 inches deep x just under 18 inches tall. The short bench is 12 ½ inches tall. It’s a great, usable size. The material used to make this bench is Pine wood. I received mine in black, and I love the look. They also have it available on the same page, in a dark brown. Overall, it’s a solid bench with great storage possibilities. If you do not mind assembling your own furniture, then I am comfortable recommending this piece.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Songmics High-Low-Seat 2-Tier Entryway Shoe Bench w’ Boot Storage Wooden Black, free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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