These are spoontacular! – Hiware’s 12-piece 18/10 Stainless Steel Teaspoon


In my home, small forks and spoons seem to disappear all by themselves, lol. I swear, when my boys were younger, when they threw out the trash from their plates, they threw out their cutlery as well. Also, now that one son is older, but lives at home, and my husband, both work on the road. They bring a lot of food with them. Sometimes, the cutlery takes their sweet time coming back home, lol. I never need additional tableware sets, but it’s nice to have extra spoons and forks.

I especially need extra spoons. Since I have such a unique diet, because of my insane food allergies, I use spoons a lot. I eat a lot of organic Greek yogurt, and you need a spoon to do so. So, I hate seeing a shortage in my drawer when I go to get one. It is so annoying.


That, and when you have company over, you always need extra spoons. When coffee is served, and when dessert is served, you give them a spoon. So, when I saw this set of 12 teaspoons, I was thrilled. I am so glad they arrived as nice as they looked online. I hate when you think something is going to be a nice quality, and it arrives as a piece of junk. Money does not grow on trees, and I hate feeling like I was ripped off. These spoons are a little larger than the teaspoons I have now, but not as large as our regular spoons but they are close. I like that they are this size; it makes them highly usable across the board. They are constructed out of 18/10 Stainless steel. They didn’t skimp on materials, either. For me, they are not bendy, but for a man on a mission, I’m sure he could bend the spoons in half, lol. Regular usage, not bendy, and that’s the important part. The look is minimalist. There is beauty in simplicity, and it works for these spoons. It also lets them be used with your regular tableware set. I would not feel funny at all about serving a coffee with one of these spoons, while they had used my regular set with their dinner. These spoons measure out at 6 ¾”, so a very good size. Overall, I am thrilled with these spoons. They are definitely the answer to my spoon problem. Their quality is wonderful, and I have no complaints.


I received these for free. I was under no obligation to leave my unbiased and honest review. – Hiware 12-piece 18/10 Stainless Steel Teaspoon, 6.7 Inches


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Stays put, and fun for all. – Galaxy’s 1 Piece Car Silicone Placemat & Tray, Blue.


My son is a wiggler. He sends everything flying, and he is 8, lol. I really like this plate. It stays put. Yes, if they wanted to, they could still send it to the floor, but it would be on purpose with this plate. The size of this silicone plate is amazing. Even my 21 year old likes it, lol. He still likes some foods divided, and this plate has the two circular smaller sections, as well as the large main compartment. You can even serve yourself chips and dip with this thing. You can be watching your shows and not have to worry about knocking the bowl over, or off the coffee table, because you were too into your game. I know a lot of people like this. Since it is silicone, it stays put, like it suctioned to your table. This plate is thick, and very durable. I was quite impressed with its stature upon arrival. My plate measures out at 14 ¾” long and 10 inches wide. The cups are just under 1 inch deep. It is made out of food-grade silicone that’s free of BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates. You can throw this in the dishwasher and microwave, if it will fit. Silicone can even handle the freezer, in case you wanted to use it as a chocolate mold, etc.. We are really happy with this plate. You can travel with it since it’s so flexible and durable. It cleans up so easily as well. It really is worth every penny, we just love it.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Galaxy’s 1 Piece Car Silicone Placemat & Tray, Blue, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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