Tryazons’ 3Doodler House Party!


I am always thrilled to be accepted for one of Tryazons’ parties. I was exceptionally excited to be able to participate in the 3Doodler Campaign. I love creating things, but I have yet to even come close to mastering the 3D pens on the market. 3D doodler has a great product, I am very impressed. I received their 3Doodler Create Pens to play and party with, but they also carry a beginner’s line, and a line great for younger kids, called #Doodler Start. Now, if you are a pro at it, or a professional, they even have a line for you, called 3Doodler Pro, and it looks impressive. Last, but not least, they even offer a kit for classrooms, called the 3Doodler EDU. The 3Doodler Start was The Best Creative Toy of the Year for 2017, too! We took the pen on the road as well, since it is so portable. You can really have fun with it anywhere.

They have a wonderful website, with 5 main sections on it: Store, Projects, Educators, Support, and Blog. The website is very easy and clear to follow and understand. I am highly impressed with their Projects section. It is a lot better than others I have used, and looked at. Their projects are actually free to print out as well, which I really love! I printed out a few to use at my party.

In my package I received 2 3Doodler Create Pen Starter Kits, 1 DoodleStand 2.0, 2 Different Color Packs of ABS Plastic Sticks, and 2 Doodle Pads. The Create Pen Starter Kits include: 1 Pen, 1 AC Power adapter, 1 instruction pamphlet, 1 Quickstart Guide, 1 wrench, 1 mini screwdriver, and 1 long tool to clear the passage with. I love the stand that this company offers. It can hold up to 75 Doodlestrands, and 1 Pen. Because the pen has a rubber guard by the tip of it, it will even hold the pen if you have the power cord attached to it. The power cord attaches to the top of the pen. It plugs into a regular 2 prong outlet. The included pamphlet offers some easy to read, and understand instructions. You can also go their website, and on the first page of the Shop section, you will see a Getting Started Tab. Press that, and it takes you to a page, where you can choose your pen. So, I clicked Create, which is the pen I have, and it took me to a plethora of information. This is the direct link for that section: There are videos and manuals there to help you on your journey. Here is the main Youtube video for getting started:   Have your pen ready, so you can follow along. It is basic, for example: On the side of you pen is the off, low, and high switch, as well as, the ports for accessories. It shows you that the top of the pen houses the air vent, the power port, and the port for your plastic strips to be inserted. The buttons to make the melted plastic come out, are called extrusion buttons.

3Doodler 17

These are on the front of the pen. The larger one makes it go faster, and the smaller one, makes it go slower. It’s a fast visual, which makes it easier to adjust your speed. I really like that. I also like how they are not located on the side, like some other brands. I would always hit it while trying to create, and that was sooo annoying. Now, the back side of the pen houses a clear section, which is the Maintenance Housing. You can see how mush plastic you have left in the pen, and access the inside of the pen from here, if you have an issue, like needing to clear a blockage. Last but not least, it warns you about the tip, or nozzle of the pen. It gets very hot while in use, and takes a bit to cool down after the pen is turned off, so be careful! Then it will go through other videos about turning on and operating your pen. You can choose to just read the pamphlet, but having a video visual, can make it easier for a lot of people. The pen has two settings: low, and high. On the low setting, the lightbar turns green when ready, and blue when ready for the high setting. The bar is on the front, top of the pen. The included plastic with the kit is ABS, which has to be used on the High setting. The low setting is for PLA, which was not included, but can be purchased separately. This pen can accommodate it. Now, to operate it, after you place a piece of plastic in it, and the light is on, go ahead and press one of the extrusion buttons once to start it. Pressing once again, will stop it, and double clicking one of these buttons will reverse the direction of your plastic, so you can remove it, and start a new color; easy peasey. Now, they state to trim the ends of your plastic after removing it from the pen, so it’s ready to be reused. This is easily done with a pair of scissors. Now, if you are trying to reverse your plastic, and it won’t, that means it’s too short to reverse, and you will have to use the rest of it, to remove it. They have videos on how to use the included tools to troubleshoot, in case you have an issue removing any plastic.

Time to create and enjoy. Being aggravated is not allowed, lol! I printed out a few projects ideas, but you can find others for free, or for purchase on the internet. I am ecstatic by the free library of projects 3Doddler’s website offers, though. Their videos give you hints on how to do 3D drawings, and more. Nothing takes the place of practice, though. With their DoodlePads, which have grid measurements on them, it was easy to place a project paper under the mat, and then create from there. Here is a link to some of their videos, for ideas: . Some hints I learned from their website. For a flat pattern, press form onto the surface. For a 3D pattern, when creating a line up, hold it for a few seconds, so it can solidify, and then pull quickly away, to separate from the creation.


I have a 10 year old son, who has tried 3D pens before too. He is at my skill level, which is, we will say, the fun level, lol. I feel safer with him using this pen. Since the plastic inserts are straight, and not long and curvy, the pen is easier for him to handle, which in turn makes it safer to use. I homeschool him, so I love to bring creative items into our home. This definitely fits the bill. Their website also shows all types of kits they offer, which can be highly fun, and educational for children. I am really impressed with this company overall! Under their Educators section on their website, the even have STEM included, which is beyond wonderful. You can create, or copy patterns. Learn how physics work in 3D builds. You can even have your friends create their own wine glass, or beer bottle markers, at the beginning of a party. Scientists do say, that as we age, are brain ages also. To keep It young, and quick, we need to keep using it, challenging it. This is definitely more fun than brain games on a tablet or phone, that’s for sure.

3Doodler 48.jpg

3Doodler 51

You can purchase any of their pens directly from their website, or Amazon. Here is a link to their community page: 

All opinions are honest and my own. I have no financial ties to Tryazon or 3Doodler. I received this set in exchange for testing their items, and sharing my experience, only.

3Doodler 30

One fad that stands the test of time. -Perfect Life Ideas’ Pin Art.


I have wanted one of these since I was much younger, lol. I remember when they were the biggest phase, and even businessmen had them on their desks. But, sadly enough, I never had one, lol. This one is a little different than the original. But, it still has the cool factor to it. The pins are not metal, but made out of plastic, so children are less apt to hurt themselves, or you, with it. It currently is only available in the blue coloring as well. It is still a great size for a desk. Its measurements are only: 5″ x 3.75″ x 2.25″. So, it doesn’t take up a lot of room. This is great for inspiration, to spark your creativity, or even to help you relax. You can just play around and make your own creations, or you can push an object into it to emulate its shape. My son is big at fidgeting. This is a huge win for a fidgety person. They can just sit and push away, even without a purpose. I have known children with sensory disorders, and one thing that would help them handle a bunch of external stimulation was to hold, and do something with their hands. Be it a rubbing stone, or something they can fidget with. This could be great for some of those children and adults. It’s a pretty silent way for them to keep too much stimulation in check. Of course, as a parent, I love that no batteries, or electricity are required. Your children can actually be amused without power. Imagine that. My son absolutely loves this thing. He plays with it non-stop, while at his computer. He has a lot of fun creating with it. Overall, it’s a fun way to be creative. It’s made well, and runs with no store bought power. I’m glad I finally got my hands on one. It brought back a lot of memories.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Perfect Life Ideas’ Pin Art – Make Incredible 3-D Pin Impression Sculptures and Fascinating Shapes of Objects by Impressons of Push Pins.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

A beautiful dress. – Yazaco’s Vintage Swing Dress


I was so excited to get this dress. I have a lot of fabric sensitivities, and it’s so hard to find a dress nowadays that is not primarily made out of Polyester. I went to JCpennys, Belks, and Sears. Looked online, and Polyester, Polyester, Polyester, is all I saw. I really hate that fabric. Companies are switching to it because it is a cheaper fabric, and dresses snag easier, and wear faster. It means more turnover, and more profit for them. This dress is actually made out of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. The dress is just so beautiful. Nothing moves like Cotton, feels like Cotton, or Breathes like Cotton, but Cotton. I was also so relieved that the dress arrived in perfect condition.


It really is a quality dress. All of the stitching was done tight and on point. The zipper works perfectly. There were no odors, stains, holes, tears, snags, or imperfections. It is just perfect. Their size chart is off to the side, so do not use Amazon’s size chart. I wear a 36C bra, so I ordered the Large. I never go by waist size. I am short waisted anyhow, lol. But, since this dress either has to go over your hips, or slid on overhead, you need to make sure it can clear your hips or your shoulders. The zipper only goes down to the top of the waist line. I was able to step into this dress with no issues. I did however, need help to fully zip the dress. I couldn’t fully reach the zipper behind me. The zipper stays put on this dress. It won’t slide down on you and be embarrassing. I did not need a slip with this dress either. The front area, along the breast line, wrapped around to the back, is lined. That, and the material is thick enough not to be see thru. It really is made really well. The piping and seaming were done perfectly. I just love it. No, when it comes to washing it, they suggest hand wash only with cool water. Now, I do not hand wash, but I have a machine with no agitator. It’s basically a flat agitator. If you have a washer like that, you could put this dress in a lingerie bag with the zipper on the dress, zipped up. Then, wash it on the delicate setting, alone in the washer; problem solved, lol. The dress measures out at 42” long from the top of the back neckline, to the bottom hem. It’s a great length dress for most women, which is a great attribute to this dress. They offer it in sizes S-XXL, as well as 7 other patterns and design of dress as well. Overall, this is a well-made, beautiful dress. It fits a female figure beautiful, and is figure flattering, and forgiving. We are all not tall bean poles, and this dress doesn’t care.

I received this for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – YAZACO Vintage Swing Dress 1950’s Retro Rockabilly Evening Party Yellow Dresses.

If you would like to purchase this dress, it can be found here on Amazon:


So many creative things to do with this Washi Tape by Inspired Me Products.


If you are a crafter, then you will love this tape. It really opens up a whole new venue for you. It definitely did for me. This box offers a wide assortment of colors and designs. There are 16 rolls of Washi tape in it, and each roll measures out at 15mm wide and 10m long. I went to the website. I typed in Washi tape, and a bunch of inspirations popped up. There are a lot of designs available online to be inspired by. My brother in law’s bday is coming up so I made a card for him with the tape. It was a lot of fun. This tape sticks very well to smooth surfaces. I made the card out of card stock printer paper. It adhered very well. You can correct it to, before rubbing it down firmly. It’s pretty sticky, but it doesn’t leave any residue on your fingers. Some of the tapes are more opaque than others. It depends on the darkness of the ink and density of the pattern. You don’t have to worry about the unused rolls getting dusty or dirty before use. They are all individually wrapped inside of the box they arrive in. The box is also reusable to store the tape in.

You can personalize anything that has a smooth surface: pens, pencils, folders, envelopes, wires, cards, calendars, chargers, power banks, laptops, white boards, and so much more. For those of you that make your own small puzzles, this tape can be used to decorate the pieces. Teachers can decorate their boards with it. If you are a scrap booker, you will probably love using this material. They have other sets available as well, with different patterns. It’s pretty easy to work with. If you use a box cutter and a cutting mat, you can cut and design all types of shapes. The tape has no odd odor to it. It’s a very clean, and pleasant material to work with.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Inspired Me Products’ Premium Washi Masking Tape Collection (SET OF 16) by Kimono Tape, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon: