The perfect way to carry a hair tie with you. – FLandB’s Stainless Steel Shimmer Hair Tie Cuff Bracelet.


My hair is so stubborn. It is thick, and very wavy, and has a mind of its’ own. A while back, when I went to the salon for a haircut, the stylist was adamant on straightening my hair, and making it behave. Over 4 hours later in the chair, he stated he gave up. He was over it, lol. It took him that long, with a flat iron, to straighten it, and it didn’t last long, lol. So, in other words, I almost always have my hair pulled up. I live by the coast, and it’s always windy. So, I almost always have my hair up in some way. When my hair is really behaving, I only pull some of it up in a hairclip. That is when a bracelet like this is perfect for me. When I am out and about, and my hair gets crazy, I can just grab my hairband, and pull my hair up. It definitely looks a lot better wrapped around this stainless steel bracelet, then alone on my wrist. If I throw my hairband in my large purse, it just disappears. This bracelet from FLandB’s on Amazon is made out of stainless steel. It is really thick and sturdy as well. I was really impressed by that. They certainly did not skimp on materials in the least. Because it’s really thick, it’s a little harder to squeeze tight on your wrist, if you like it more snug. This bracelet is stated to fit wrist sizes 5.75 – 6.5”. In my opinion, it will fit a much larger wrist as well. The inside of the cuff style bracelet is a smooth finish, and very comfortable against the skin. It doesn’t pull on your arm hairs at all. Since it is stainless steel I also don’t have to worry about my metal sensitivities, or rusting. Since I live by the coast, rust is always a concern. On the outside of the bracelet, the outer edges are the high polished shine, and the center is a shimmery, glittery finish. This is actually a sandblasted finis, and the look is awesome. I love the glittery shine it gives off. This gal loves her sparkle. Only band style hair ties fit into the groove of this bracelet. They sit in the groove perfectly, and really stay put while you are wearing it. Then, when you take it of the bracelet to wear, you are left wearing a really pretty bracelet. The bracelet itself is ½” wide. The opening is 1 ¼” in size, and the length of the interior bracelet is approx.. 6” in length. These are my measurements that I took. I normally wear a 7” bracelet, and this one is nice and loose on my wrist. That’s how I normally like to wear them, so it’s perfect for me. You can change the look of this bracelet so easily, by just changing out the color of the hairband. It’s quite utilitarian and pretty to wear.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this bracelet, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: FLandB’s Stainless Steel Shimmer Hair Tie Cuff Bracelet – Women’s Medium/Large.

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Incredible craftsmanship in this Alpaca Silver “Fruit of the Spirit” Religious Cuff Bracelet (Handmade).


I lived in Mexico for 5 years when I was little. I love their jewelry till this day. This handmade bracelet is gorgeous. It was made out of Alpaca silver, which is a big stale for that Country, in regards to their jewelry making. Alpaca Silver has been around since 1823 when a contest began to find a great alternative for Sterling Silver. A German Manufacturer named Berndorf, created and named Alpaca Silver. It is actually a combination of metals normally to include a combination of Copper, Nickel, Cadmium, Zinc and Tin. It is not stated which metals were used in this bracelet.

The finish on this bracelet was done is a high polished finish. It is so pretty. My skin has suffered no irritation whatsoever with it. It is so comfortable to wear. It arrives as an open cuff design. The interior dimension it comes with is 2 ½”. It can be stretched a little to slide onto your wrist if you need it. This is not a thin and flimsy bracelet in the least. It is well made, sturdy, and quite beautiful. I love, love, love the sentiment behind this bracelet. It is religious in nature, and on each end depicts a “Jesus” fish symbol. The entire bracelet is engraved in the “fruit of the spirit” from Galatians. This bracelet is 6.5” long, and is ¾’s of an inch wide. It’s such a positive bracelet. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to wear it. The words express nothing but positive statements: Love, Goodness, Kindness, Joy, Gentleness, Peace, Self-Control, Humility, Patience. These are words everyone should strive to live up to daily.

I was afforded the opportunity to review HPP Enterprises’ Alpaca Silver “Fruit of the Spirit” Religious Cuff Bracelet (Handmade), at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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