So feminine and beuatiful. – J.Rosée 18K Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Bead Charm Link Bracelet and Anklet.


I love summertime. You can really show off your jewelry during this time of year. Especially your anklets. These two pieces of jewelry from J.Rosee are so feminine and beautiful. I have been nothing but happy with my other J.Rosee jewelry, so I was so happy to be able to review these pieces, and even more excited that they are matching pieces. One piece is a bracelet, and the other is its anklet doppelganger. They may be sold separately, but they make a perfect pair. The pieces are delicate looking, but well made. They are both made out of 925 Sterling Silver, and plated in 18K Rose Gold. So, no matter what, you should me perfectly safe with these, if you have metal sensitivities. I did have problems with my bracelet upon arrival. One strand separated from the clasp, where it was attached. The company was great and sent out a new one. No, they did not just do that because I was reviewing. 99.9% of the time, I do not get a replacement if something is wrong. Amazon does not replace broken items for reviewers. So, I was very happy to see the integrity of this company be so high. They wanted to learn and see if their design had any weaknesses. I actually have been sleeping in the anklet, as well, to see how durable it was, while waiting for my new bracelet. It is made the same, only longer. It has held up perfectly. I do say, that the anklet fits me perfectly, but it just fits. If you have larger ankles, this one may not be for you. If you have lager wrists, then this might be perfect as a bracelet for you. It is a feminine and beautiful piece and would look great as your bracelet. The plating was done well on the pieces, and have even put up with me showering with them on, lol. I really tested them out. When my replacement bracelet arrived, I was able to play with it and put it on without any problems. It fit well, and has put up with the same testing as the anklet. I have yet to remove the anklet, lol. I slept and showered with the bracelet on as well. It has held up wonderfully. I even picked up and moved some furniture today, and both pieces go unscathed. They are very comfortable pieces to wear as well. With the extender, the anklet measures out at approx.. 9 ¾”, and the bracelet with the extender measures out at approx. 7 ½”.  So, they will fit the average person without issue. I can’t express enough how much I love this set. I never sleep in bracelets or anklets. This set is very lightweight and comfy. I love how it matches too. It’s beautiful, and well made jewelry.

I received these products for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – J.Rosée 18K Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Bead Charm Link Bracelet 7″ with Extender – J.Rosée 925 Sterling Silver Double Heart Bead Anklet Bracelet.

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Gorgeous and therapeutic. – Smarter Lifestyle’s Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet.


copper bracelet 7

I am not new to magnetic therapy jewelry. I find it fun and unique to wear. It does bring a warmth to the area you are wearing it, but increasing the circulation to the area. It’s really marrying the principle of form and function. I am a big copper fan as well. I love the material, and it doesn’t hurt that my husband is an electrician, lol. I get to see a lot of copper wire. I was thrilled to be able to review this bracelet. I received the gorgeous men’s version. They do offer it for women as well. The bracelet arrives very nicely packaged. It arrives fully wrapped to ensure a flawless finish. There is a tiny pull tab, so you know where to start unwrapping it. The wrapped bracelet arrives in a nice gift box. It is also in a velvet drawstring bag for added protection, and then perfect storage when not being worn. Also included with the bracelet is a plastic link removal tool. It’s nice that they include it. It helps hold the bracelet, while pushing the desired link out. Remember to save a pin for when you go to attach the bracelet back together. The bracelet is gorgeous. It is made out of pure copper (99.9%), and then there are 17 strong magnets spaced out throughout the bracelet. You can see them from the underside of the bracelet, not the topside. So, no one but you will know that it is a magnetic bracelet. The magnets are over 3000 Gauss each, which is a magnetic value. That just means it’s a stronger magnet. The bracelet is 8 ¼” long, and 1.2cm in width. I think it’s gorgeous on my husbands’ wrist! It is quite durable. It has to be. My husband is a rough and tough kind of guy, so it wouldn’t last for him if it wasn’t. The clasp is easy to do, and has been very reliable. It clips shut nice and securely, and you shouldn’t have to worry about it opening up on it. I love the unique look of the copper. The sunlight really plays off of it. It’s a stunning look, no matter what your style.

I received this at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Smarter Lifestyle’s Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet.

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The perfect way to carry a hair tie with you. – FLandB’s Stainless Steel Shimmer Hair Tie Cuff Bracelet.


My hair is so stubborn. It is thick, and very wavy, and has a mind of its’ own. A while back, when I went to the salon for a haircut, the stylist was adamant on straightening my hair, and making it behave. Over 4 hours later in the chair, he stated he gave up. He was over it, lol. It took him that long, with a flat iron, to straighten it, and it didn’t last long, lol. So, in other words, I almost always have my hair pulled up. I live by the coast, and it’s always windy. So, I almost always have my hair up in some way. When my hair is really behaving, I only pull some of it up in a hairclip. That is when a bracelet like this is perfect for me. When I am out and about, and my hair gets crazy, I can just grab my hairband, and pull my hair up. It definitely looks a lot better wrapped around this stainless steel bracelet, then alone on my wrist. If I throw my hairband in my large purse, it just disappears. This bracelet from FLandB’s on Amazon is made out of stainless steel. It is really thick and sturdy as well. I was really impressed by that. They certainly did not skimp on materials in the least. Because it’s really thick, it’s a little harder to squeeze tight on your wrist, if you like it more snug. This bracelet is stated to fit wrist sizes 5.75 – 6.5”. In my opinion, it will fit a much larger wrist as well. The inside of the cuff style bracelet is a smooth finish, and very comfortable against the skin. It doesn’t pull on your arm hairs at all. Since it is stainless steel I also don’t have to worry about my metal sensitivities, or rusting. Since I live by the coast, rust is always a concern. On the outside of the bracelet, the outer edges are the high polished shine, and the center is a shimmery, glittery finish. This is actually a sandblasted finis, and the look is awesome. I love the glittery shine it gives off. This gal loves her sparkle. Only band style hair ties fit into the groove of this bracelet. They sit in the groove perfectly, and really stay put while you are wearing it. Then, when you take it of the bracelet to wear, you are left wearing a really pretty bracelet. The bracelet itself is ½” wide. The opening is 1 ¼” in size, and the length of the interior bracelet is approx.. 6” in length. These are my measurements that I took. I normally wear a 7” bracelet, and this one is nice and loose on my wrist. That’s how I normally like to wear them, so it’s perfect for me. You can change the look of this bracelet so easily, by just changing out the color of the hairband. It’s quite utilitarian and pretty to wear.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this bracelet, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: FLandB’s Stainless Steel Shimmer Hair Tie Cuff Bracelet – Women’s Medium/Large.

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Cupids Arrow. – Infinite Charming Jewelry’s Silver Tone Cupid Arrow Cuff Bracelet.


I love bracelets. I have a thing for them. Bracelets are so easy to wear, and can express your mood, and change up an outfit. I am loving this beautiful Cupids Arrow bracelet from Infinite Charming Jewelry. It’s beautiful, and well made. It arrives in a velvet gift box, inside of a velvet drawstring bag. You can use the box or bag to store your bracelet in as well. It will help you maintain its beauty. This bracelet was done in a Silver Tone on a base metal. A base metal can be any non-precious metal. Copper, Nickel, and Brass are the common ones used. This particular bracelet has a high polished chrome shine, and is so pretty. The sparkly stones used are Cubic Zirconia. A stone which is actually harder than Crystal. A fun fact I learned recently. Cupid’s Arrow; this is something we fantasize about when we are young. The dreams of Cupids Arrow finding the one that is meant for you, your soulmate. The sentiment behind this bracelet is beautiful, and would make such a loving gift. The large Cubic Zircon makes up the arrow, and the smaller ones make up the fletches. All of my stones were set well. I had no loose, chipped, or missing ones. Oooh, do they sparkle in the sun. This bracelet’s interior dimensions are 2 ½ inches wide, and 2” tall. I normally wear a sz.7 women’s bracelet, and this bracelet fits perfectly. It flows beautifully on my wrist. It’s the perfect summer essential.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Infinite Charming Jewelry’s Silver Tone Cupid Arrow Cubic Zirconia Adjustable Cuff Bracelet, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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