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Bathroom accessories are not always glamorous. More than not, I am sure you never talk about them with people, and forget to think about them when you are out and about shopping. Nonetheless, they are necessary items in our homes. I came across one company that offers some pretty nice quality items, so I decided to share them on my blog. I had the privilege to test out these products:

1.       Premium Bath Tub Mat – Non-Slip & Anti-Bacterial with suction cups – 29 x 16 in. long, White.

2.       Sammy Tub Side Bath Kneeler & Garden Kneeling Pad with Hook: Orange.

3.       Clean Healthy Living 70×71-Inch PEVA Shower Curtain Liner, White.

4.       Clean Healthy Living Roller Shower Curtain Rings – Polished Stainless Steel.

What I noticed about each product, was the quality. Everything was well made. Everything was practical in use, and not a frivolous expenditure. Quality materials were used in production. Nothing was unhealthy to breathe in. The shower curtain liner is mildew-resistant non-toxic PEVA. I love that. No horrible, unhealthy smells, like the normal PVC shower curtain liners give out. It has 12 rustproof metal grommets, so it’s easy to hang and use. To top it off this liner even has three magnets and 4 suction cups to help keep it in place. The shower curtain liner measures out at 70” x 71” in size.

The Shower curtain rings are made out o stainless steel. So, you will not have any rust worries with these. We love this style of curtain ring, and have been using them for years. Each ring has 5 stainless balls on them, and they really let you roll the curtain across the pole. They do not catch, or get stuck, they just keep on rolling. They watch have a full closure on them as well, and you never have to worry about your curtain falling off the hook. That is a pet peeve of mine. These are so durable and well made, they should last for years.

The other two items I received are a shower mat, and a kneeling pad. They are both made with great quality. Mine arrived in perfect condition. One of my children’s friends past away by falling in the shower. It really never occurred to me, until that happened, about what a possibility it could be. This one is a neural color, thick, and covered with tiny suction cups. It holds very well, and did not have any odor upon arrival. It measures 29” long x 16” wide, so it’s a pretty good size. Just remember to pull it up and let it dry after each use, to prolong its lifespan. It does have antibacterial properties to it, as well.  This bath mat is actually eco-friendly to. “It’s made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This microban material is organic, BPA free, and therefore healthier for your family.” I love that! The kneeling pad, I feel can also be used for bleacher seating. It will not just keep your knees from hurting, but your tushy too, lol. I love the large goldfish design. Mine arrived in perfect condition. Kneeling by the tub can be very, very uncomfortable. I love the size, color, and shape of this pad. It’s fun, and endearing. It can be used for so many applications: bathing a little one, gardening, tiling, and home improvement application where you are kneeling, and scooching around, stadium seating, picnic benches, or any other hard seating surface. It’s covered in a neoprene fabric, which is durable, water resistant, and easy to clean. The underside is done on a thick, vinyl like material. It stays put when you press weight onto it. I thought it would be slippery, but I tried it on smooth flooring, in different tests, and it stays put with weight pressing down on it, even just one foot. It has a nylon webbing carry handle. It has a Velcro closure on it, so you could strap it to your towel rack, or stroller, if needed. This mat measures out at 13 ½” long and 12 ½” wide. It’s really cute!

Overall, I am really happy with this company’s products. They are made to be healthier for you, and to last. They are also competitively priced.

I received these items at a discount. I was under no obligation to leave my unbiased and honest review.

This products can be found here on Amazon: Rhino Goods Inc. Storefront:

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So cuddly soft. – Homestarts’ Lil’ Jumbl Children Play Mat.


Talk about cute! I absolutely love this mat. It’s such a cute purple lamb. I no longer have a tiny one, but I have 3 kids. Fortunately, my husbands’ boss just had a little girl, so this purple beauty went to her. This mat is so, so soft. I can’t express enough how soft it is. It has this silky feel to it. The plush material is so fine, and that causes the luxurious feel. The mat is quite large as well. It measures out at 47” long and 35” wide. The thickness varies depending on where you are on the mat, but it is all so soft. The ears were sewn on well, and can be grasped, and crinkled, and chewed on. They make a crinkle sound when you manipulate them. This is a great tactile, and sensory stimulator. I can see this being used as a play mat, snuggle mat, and even a napping mat. It is that soft and comfortable. You can even use it as a stroller liner when it’s cold out. Beware, if you have a pet, they may try to claim it as their own, it’s that soft. Because it’s like a blanket, it’s easy to fold, store, and take with you. It had no odor to it upon arrival, at all. All of the stitching was done tight and on point. I had no stains, tears, or snags on this blanket at all. They even have it available in a blue bear, and orange lion. There are no little pieces to come off and be a choking hazard. It really is a great blanket/play mat.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. : Homestarts’  Lil’ Jumbl Children Play Mat, Baby Nap Mat, Tummy Time Mat, Toddler Crawl Playmat, Portable And Easy To Carry. Plush Material.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

Safety first. – BabyBubz Jumbo Foam Playmat.


I love this set, it’s huge! In this Babybubz package of interlocking foam tiles, you get 36 – 12” tiles and edge pieces. The tiles themselves equal 36 square feet of floor coverage. That is a lot of coverage. Each tile is even 1.5cm thick. The foam is so dense, soft and cushy. It really provides great support and cushion from falls for your little ones. This is a top of the line EVA foam which is BPA and Phthalate free. It’s a non toxic play mat as well. I love how easy it is to assemble and rearrange. The pieces are easily separated and rearranged into any square or rectangular shape you need. They are easy to wash off in the sink or tub, and dry quickly as well. These will easily protect little heads from falls, and prevent a lot of bruises. With so many people just wanted hard flooring in their homes, these are essential for safe play zones for little ones. When your children grow, you can then use these to place your workout equipment on. They will definitely add some excitement to working out. The colors are vivid, but on the muted side of primary colors. There are yellow, red, purple, blue, orange and green tiles in this set. I am very happy with this set from Babybubz. I really can’t find any negatives with it.

I was afforded the opportunity to review BabyBubz Jumbo Foam Playmat – Interlocking Mats, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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