Perfect for travel. – Alink’s Silicone Travel Size Bottles Set, 9 Pieces.


I am not new to silicone travel bottles. My family uses them all of the time, and I have given them as gifts. I am really impressed with this set from Alink on Amazon. This set is set up very differently from what I have received I the past, and I am really happy with what it entails. This is a 9 piece set, to start off with. It has 4 silicone bottles, 1 spatula, 3 crème containers and 1 reusable storage bag. The storage bottle are as follows: two 3oz bottles, one 2oz bottle, and one 1.25oz bottle. The three cream containers are 2/3oz each. The caps are screw on, and there is a clear cover that you can put on top of the cream, prior to placing the top on it. This really makes it a secure to travel with. The bottles are made out of Silicone. They are BPA free, and FDA and LFGB test approved. You don’t have to worry about any chemicals leaching their way into your products. I love silicone. It’s such a great material to work with. I have a lot of silicone bakeware I cook with all of the time. It is so durable, and long lasting. The bottles have the most unique labeling system built in to their caps too. The caps are a hard plastic. I find it easier to change the label, if I pull the silicone bottle out from the cap. Then, look inside the cap, and you will see the white plastic grooves. Just push on one, to the side, and you will see the inner label turn, and change the label. Each bottle has 5 label choices, as well as a blank choice. The choices are: Shamp, Cond, Lotion, Soap, and Sun. The printing is really legible too. I really love these label options. Just make sure the bottle is seated back in correctly, before screwing the cap back on. The mouths of the caps are wide. They are so easy to fill. Each cap has a built in silicone seal as well. It will not drip through unless you squeeze the bottle; pretty awesome. The included case probably won’t last a long time, lol. It’s a thinner, plastic bag, with the plastic slider that closes it. They normally do not last that long, but I would never use it to travel with. I have my own toiletry bag to use, as does the rest of my family. So, that really is not a break it thing for me at all. This is literally one of my favorite travel bottle sets I have ever used. At the moment they are great sizes and airline approved. You never know when they will change their policies, lol. I am very comfortable recommending this product.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: Alink’s Silicone Travel Size Bottles Set, 9 Pieces.

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