Such a fun kite! – KickFire Kadavu’s Premium Blue Delta Kite.


My youngest is 8 years old, and has never flown a kite until now. He was so excited. I have two older kids, and have used my share of kites in the past. With all that said, I am really happy with this kite. KickFire’s Kadavu kite is so nice, and easy to set up. This kite only has one fiberglass pole to insert, and the string to attach, then you are up and flying. They include a 100ft of kite string on this bad boy too. This kite is made out of Rip Stop Nylon. All of the stitching was done well. The yellow pieces of Nylon that come off the wings, are not stitched though, and start to fray a little upon flying. This is not an uncommon feature at all, from my experience. This kite measures out at10ft long from tip to tail, and the wing span is just under 6ft, including the streamers. It does come with a storage bag as well. I can tell you that once you fly the kite, it’s a little hard to slide the kite back in. I wish the storage bag was a couple inches wider. It’s doable though, but just doable. This kite was made to cut through the sky. Lol, we aren’t that skilled yet, since we don’t fly kites often. I haven’t flown one in years, so we are back to the beginner level status. It does work great in the sky though. My 8 year old was able to fly it himself and he’s ecstatic by it. We live close to the beach, and get a lot of wind. So, this has opened up a whole new healthy outside activity for him. The bright colors of this kite make it highly visible, even when the sun is shining in your eyes. It truly is a fun kite to fly.

I was afforded the opportunity to review KickFire Kadavu’s Premium Blue Delta Kite, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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