Solar power, perfect for homeschooling and more. – iLoonger’s T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit.


I homeschool my 8 year old. I love kits like this one. They can really inspire and teach. I talk about solar power to him all of the time. But, seeing his face light up with excitement over the toy coming to life, was amazing. When we brought it out into the sun, and the dinosaur jaws started opening and closing, and the feet started moving, he glowed. We kept moving it from the sun to the shade, over and over. It was like an instant on/off switch, lol. When they say full sun, they mean it. We made the dinosaur option, but you can also make a drilling machine, robot, or insect. You can only make one at a time.

At first glance, when you open your kit, you may say to yourself, “Nope!” Let me tell you this, even though at first glance, the instruction book looks daunting, it isn’t. I was able to go through it and easily assemble the dinosaur. My son watched, lol. The gear box is the main assembly. The solar wires are fine, so if you have a bruiser like my son, you may want to do the gear box, and let your child finish the rest. This kit does not store power. It uses it immediately to power the product. You will get 1 green sheet of parts, and 1 grey sheet. You also get a little bag of parts and stickers. Each sheet is clearly labeled. For example, you will see A12 or B6. You have to look closely though. The letters and numbers are imprinted in the plastic itself. The loose parts are listed out in the beginning of the instruction booklet. To change forms, you will not have to redo the gear box, just the added pieces to it. The even show you how to undo your pieces. The instructions are all illustrated out, which makes it really easy to do.

My son knew about solar power. But seeing the dinosaur start moving, and quickly too, was impressive. He really was able to grasp the actual sheer power of the sun, first hand. You need to have full sun too. We went out in the evening too, when the sun was low, but it still worked when we aimed the solar panel at the sun. He had the most fun this way. It was so easy to use the shade as an off switch this way; on, off, on, off, over and over again, lol. This first hand truly teaches the power of the sun to your children. It makes solar power come alive for them.

I was afforded the opportunity to review iLoonger’s T4 Transforming Solar Robot Kit- Robot Insect T-rex Drill Vehicle, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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