So soft and luxurious!. – Royal Hotel’s Gray and White Meridian King Duvet Set & Down Alternative Comforter.


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This Royal Hotel Bedding Gray and White Meridian Duvet set is absolutely stunning. I really love the Moroccan theme with this pattern. At the same time, it’s so clean and modern. I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review their beautiful product I exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I ordered the King size. It states on the package that it will also accommodate a California King also. I received in the package, 1 duvet cover and 2 king sized shams.
I am so sensitive to many fabrics. I have insane allergies, and that’s moving towards a lot of manmade fabrics. I feel like you can’t even trust some labels anymore. My mom has purchased me all cotton shirts before. You know just by touching them that there is no way that’s cotton material. It’s also getting confusing to read bedding labels. So many products boast a huge thread count, and then they turn out to be thin, and poorly made. I used to only associate thread count with cotton also. I have noticed that they are attaching it to other materials. With Royal Hotel Bedding’s Duvet labeling, it turns out to be 100% true. I was so excited and relieved. It may say 300 thread count, but it also states Egyptian Cotton. I have heard a lot about Egyptian Cotton and thread count. I now completely believe what I have heard. The material the duvet and shams are made out is quite amazing. It is thick and oh so soft. You can stay snuggled in it forever, lol. It’s definitely hard to get out of.
Quality wise, I haven’t been able to find any imperfections. The stitching is tight. The buttons and button holes line up beautifully and are done well. The material is thick, very soft cotton. The shams are done just beautifully. I really like the two tone with this duvet set. I included a picture that shows that one side is grey and if you flip it, the other side is white. The opening to insert the pillow into the sham is on the white side. Since the opening is on the end , you could still use it white side up if you wanted too.
I really can’t say enough about this duvet set. I think the Moroccan pattern is beautiful. The 300 thread count Egyptian Cotton material is soft and truly luxurious. You will definitely find it hard to get out of bed after lying under this, lol. And to top it off, it was definitely made to be top notch. It is most definitely a dreamy set.

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The comforter I used in the duvet is a very soft and comfy comforter. I love that it is allergy friendly with it’s down alternative fill. I am just thrilled that I was also afforded the opportunity to review Royal Hotel Bedding’s King/California King  Size Down Alternative Comforter in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. It comes packaged tightly in a clear zippered case. Don’t expect to ever get it back in that case, lol. Once you open it and fluff it out, it fills with air and becomes a very large and fluffy king size comforter.
This down alternative comforter is made from 300 thread count microfiber. It is soft and easy to wash and dry. Microfiber is pretty easy to care for fortunately. It is segmented, which helps it to be warmer by trapping air and body heat. This box stitching also helps the fill to stay evenly spread through the comforter and not slide more to one end or the other. This comforter will also fit a California king. It is 106″x90″. The fiberfill is 600z filling. This weight is considered medium weight and should be great year round. I know I really like it.
You can use it plain or you can cover it with a pretty duvet set, which is what I did. They have a piece of material sewn into the corners that you can use to button it into a duvet set. I included a picture of it.  It is just so soft and comfortable to wrap yourself in. I am one of those people that needs her bed to be dreamy to sleep in, lol. This comforter definitely fits the bill. It is beautifully made. The material, stitching, and fill are all done so well. I am very impressed with Royal Hotel Bedding’s products.

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