So comfortable for parent and baby. – USPro’s Baby Carrier Baby Sling with Cushion.


I have had three kids, and have used multiple carriers for them. I love the new advances on them. They really make life easier. I am quite pleased that I Was afforded the opportunity to review USPro’s Baby Carrier Baby Sling with Cushion Infant New Born Baby Sling with Cotton Mesh Baby Toddler Hip Seat Baby Waist Seat Orange, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest reviews. This product arrives as shown. It arrives nicely packaged. Perfect for gift giving.

I like the fun color. It is appropriate for both boys and girls. It is still a lighter color for the summer time, but will hide more spit up stains than a lighter color. The material is nice and soft against your skin. That is really important for baby skin. It’s so delicate and precious. The material is made up of Nylon and cotton. They are so much better for letting the skin breathe. This baby carrier was also made for babies ranging from 3 months to 3 years of age, or a maximum weight of 44lbs. And this carrier will fit the adults with waist sizes from 22 inches to 40 inches. The waist strap on this baby carrier is the widest I have personally experienced in a soft carrier. Even my metal frame hiking carrier wasn’t this supportive. I like it. It is 5 1/2 inches wide. It has a 2″ plastic buckle closure, which is adjustable. The waist also has a huge amount of Velcro, used for closure too, and to adjust the waist size. It is really secure, and comfortable. This carrier also has a chest strap and shoulder straps. All of which are well padded. All of the plastic clips are thick and durable. There are several ways to carry in this carrier. You can do forward facing front, backward facing front, and back carry on the removable hip seat. This seat is impressive. It has a zipper to it, so I could look inside at it. It is a very dense, and hard foam. It is very secure to sit on, and a lot more secure feeling, and supportive for their little tushies. This product arrived with all it’s stitching done tight and on point. There was no odor to the fabric upon arrival at all. The underside of the shoulder straps and the inside bottom area of the carrier itself, is lined with a mesh fabric to allow better air circulation. There is even a soft hood on this to protect your child from the elements. It is adjustable as they grow by a succession of thick plastic snaps. Or, you can leave it open. The shoulder straps are also easily adjustable with the usual nylon straps. The hip seat is removed via a zipper, and a couple snaps. It’s easy to do. And, to top it off, they even give you a couple storage areas on here. You have a nice zippered pocket on the main body of the carrier. And the other pocket is on the waist strap. It has an elastic built into it, and has a Velcro closure. The pocket on the main area, can be unzipped from underneath, and rolled up, and snapped in the rolled up position, to expose a meshed area. This allows a greater air flow to the body of the baby. This is great when the weather is warmer, for sure. I really like this feature. This baby carrier also comes with a waist pouch with buckle closure, and 2 soft, soft shoulder strap covers that Velcro on, and 1 snap on drool bib in the same soft material. These are easy to wash, and all can easily be used to wipe their little mouths if spit up occurs. I really like this carrier. It really is impressive. I do highly recommend you practice with it with a large stuffed animal before moving on to your little one. I am very comfortable recommending this product.

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