Protect that table! – MJH Innovations’ Picnic Time Bamboo Coasters.


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One of my sons quickly found out one day, why you have to use a coaster. As soon as I bought him a new desk a few years ago, he immediately places his mug of coffee down on it. It left a white ring on it within seconds. You should have seen his face, lol. So, if you have wood furniture, coasters are a necessity. I received this set of 12, 100% bamboo coasters from MJH Innovations. They also have them available in a set of 6, and a set of 24. The coasters are exact replicas of themselves. These are all wood, and there is no backing on them, like felt, or silicon, to keep them from sliding. So, in regards to little kids using them, they probably wouldn’t work. I can picture the coasters flying off the table due to little hands, lol.  These coasters are great for adults, who carefully place their drinks down on them. They do have cuts down the center of them. These are flat to the surface, so there is no rocking of the coaster, unless your table is uneven. The coaster top and bottom are perfectly flat. There is a total of 7 cuts down the center of each coaster. If your cups sweat, the fluid will enter these grooves. This helps keep the top of the coaster non slippery. When you are done using them though, make sure you dry off the coasters, to ensure their longevity. Otherwise, water will eventual dry out these coasters. The set arrives plainly wrapped in a cellophane wrapper. I wish these had a coaster holder. It would have made these a really nice set. You can always add your own backing, or those peel and stick felt feet sold at your local hardware store, if needed. I love the two tone color scheme with the dark and light bamboo. Bamboo is also a very eco-friendly material as well. The coasters have no chemical odor to them. You can actually just smell the nice scent of wood. I was happy to see that they didn’t heavily treat these with chemicals. It’s becoming a common practice nowadays. Mine arrived in great condition. Only one had a stray cut down one of the grooves, but it doesn’t deter from the function or beauty of them. They measure out at 3.75” in diameter, with my ruler, and 5/16th of an inch thick. They have a warning label on the back of them as well that states to only wash with a damp cloth, to help prevent cracking and warping of the wood. I have had no issues with various styles of cups on these coasters. I usually drink out of my Yeti cup, lol, bit I tried others: glass, plastic. I’ve had no issues. My home is air conditioned, so I haven’t had big sweating issues, where water would run from the grooves onto the table.

Now, on another note with these coasters, we love their look. We plan on doing something artistic with them. Be it, including them into a cabinet build, as part of a door facing. We are still thinking about it. We love them lined up together, in a square configuration. They have a really dramatic look that way. If incorporated in the door, of a center door of a cabinet. That would be a great focal point, and very eye catching. You can have the kids make decorations with these as well. Drill little holes in them, and make incredible gift tags around the holidays. You can make these part of a gift basket that includes wine, wine glasses, and cheeses. Be creative, have fun. This is a well-made, beautiful product.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – MJH Innovations’ Picnic Time Bamboo Coasters, Beautiful, Entertaining Tabletop Wine and Hot and/or Cold Beverage Coasters (12).

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