Ping Pong!!!!!!!!! – Virginia Table Tennis Products’ Vigilante War Scythe Table Tennis Paddle.


We love ping pong in our home. We do need a new table though. My husband is a ping pong nut, and my Father, back in the day, was a ping pong champion, according to my mom. When I received this to review, it never crossed my mind, that my husband would be so excited about it. He absolutely loves it, as does one of my older sons. It is definitely not your average store bought paddle. This is nothing like it whatsoever. I love the name they gave it, Vigilante. How intense is that. You may feel like that too, when using this paddle. It will definitely give you an upper edge over your opponent, unless they have the same paddle, lol. It has premium sticky rubber sides to it. One side is red, and the other black. This helps give you a tighter spin, and more accurate hits. I guess they call that a padded paddle, lol. That’s a tongue twister. This paddle is used by professionals around the world, and is ITTF approved. The ITTF is the International Table Tennis Federation. Ping Pong is a pretty big deal worldwide. I find the paddle to be much lighter than regular beginner paddles. The handle is a little on the shorter side, and that is something I need to get used to. I’ve only used regular beginner paddles before. This is my first time using anything different. I also love that this paddle comes with a protective case. It fully zips around the paddle, just like a regular tennis racket cover. This will help keep the paddle nice and clean, and undamaged, the sticky sides can be washed off easily, if it gets too linty or dirty. The cover has some padding to it, as well as an attached wrist strap. It was made really well. There was no odor to it. The zipper is of good quality, and the stitching was all done tight and on point. Overall, I am really impressed with the whole set up. It’s very professional.

I received this for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. –  Virginia Table Tennis Products’ Vigilante War Scythe Table Tennis Paddle + Case 2015 ELITE Series.

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