My son loves his new light. – Innovation Product’s Portable LED Folding Desk Lamp.


We love LED lighting in my home. It is a bright and clear light. No more harmful, poisonous chemicals in our lighting, with LEDs. My older son shattered a compact fluorescent in his room a while back. He had to sleep in the living room for a week. They have mercury powder in them. It cannot be vacuumed up. The whole episode was horrifying to me. LEDs are safe to have around your family, and that is priceless to me. This is a really cute and fun light from Innovation Products. It looks like a can but extends into a light/night light. It has an internal 500mAh battery, and maintains a charge. So, you can keep it charged up, and your child can carry it with them into a tent, down the dark hallway, camping, and bedside at night. It is only a 3W light, but really is bright. It does make a great reading light, and task oriented, work light. The light charges via a USB cord provided. It is not a micro USB cord, so don’t lose it, lol. After it is charged, slide the top half of the can upwards. Then fold the light out. You will see a white button down towards the base. The first press turns on the reading light. The second press turns off the reading light, and turns on the night light. This light is so cute! It comes out the top of the can and displays a star pattern on the wall or ceiling. The LED light rotates through colored LEDs. We love it. It really is an eco-friendly way for your kids to use a night light. Even with the Santa on the outside of the can, it can still be used year round. Just place a vinyl sticker or regular sticker over the small Santa. My son loves it as is, lol. He absolutely hates the dark, and this is small enough for him to carry anywhere. It is only just over 6 ½” tall. The night light feature is really so cute, and the reading light is bright and really offers a lot of light at only 3W. It really is a welcomed addition to our home.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Innovation Product’s Portable LED Folding Desk Lamp, Multifunctional Eye-care Book Light and Decorative Night Light 3W for Reading, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

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