In wall outletsModernize your home with Top Greener’s Enerlites 6200048 24W 4.8A Ultra High-Speed 4-Port Smart USB Charger In-Wall Outlet.


I am not new to Top Greener’s electrical products. We use them and really like their reliable and durable quality. My husband is a commercial electrician, and he is very happy with these products. We even went online and did price checks against their products, and equivalent products from our local big box stores. They can really hold their own in the market, and with several products in their line, were a lot less money. This particular product, really brings your home into the modern age. Our home is run by electronics. We use them throughout our daily lives, as do most families. I have charging hubs everywhere, lol. So, when I can install an outlet like this, and alleviate the over usage of hubs everywhere, sign me up. My husband got so excited when he saw this particular outlet. He immediately blurted out that this was perfect for a kitchen. And he’s right. I think installing it by the kitchen counter is a perfect location. You can have an electrician either swap it out or add it next to a regular outlet already installed. This is a 24W 4.8A smart charging USB outlet hub. You can actually plug in 4 USBs at the same time, and it does not slow this baby down. You really get great charging speed with this outlet. They even include two plate covers with this product. A flat one with no screw holes, and the traditional one we are all used too. This outlet will sit a little deeper than your average outlet, but you shouldn’t have any issues. The depth into the wall is 1 ½”. It arrives with the newer styled top plate attached. Just use a flat top screwdriver to separate them. The have a little pictograph attach to it telling you to do so. The first time I tried this with a new plug, I thought I was going to break it, lol, but you won’t.  Being a smart charger, it can detect what your particular product needs, and it will only deliver that much. I can charge my tablets and my smart phones with ease. You can charge up batteries for your camera and more from these. Whatever you charge from USB can be charged from this outlet. This is a regular UL listed outlet and accepts #14-#12 AWG wire. It’s an easy swap out if you have up to date wiring in your home. They even include great, easy instructions to follow, if needed. Quality wise, this is a very well made unit. I love the modern look, but I also like the option of having a regular plate with it. That is perfect if you want it to match up with a nearby outlet. The charging is quick and reliable. We are really happy with this product.

I received this at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Top Greener’s Enerlites 6200048 24W 4.8A Ultra High-Speed 4-Port Smart USB Charger In-Wall Outlet , Two Wall Plates Included, White.

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