May 14, 16, and 19th. My reactions never stop.


It’s been tough. As soon as I have an anaphylactic reaction, I seem to have another one right away. I actually woke up today, feeling great. For me great still equals a lot of pain, and only drinking smoothies, and eating yogurt, lol But I feel steady and alive, hopeful. Then I apply a new lotion, that looked ok, and Bam, just reached for an epi-pen about 15 minutes ago. I’m trying to keep focus, so I decided to finally write.

On the 14th I went shopping. My son’s shoes were so tight. He loves his shoes, and was afraid to tell me they hurt, lol. Poor thing. And I really need a new bathing suit. I dropped 12 pounds just having my mass removed in February. We went out, and I first encountered 2 dogs at Lowes. I tried to stay far away, until I could quickly check out and leave. I was still feeling pretty ok, just iffy at that point. We went to a store on the island on the way home, a clothing store. On the way in, suddenly there was a woman behind me with a dog. That’s all it took. These are not normally places I have to worry about running into dogs.

The next throat closure took place on the 16th in Jacksonville. We went to Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less, still shoe shopping. I either touched something or encountered food smells. My throat slammed shut in the car as I tired to drive home. That’s a tad scary.

And to top it off, I am on steroids. I went to my doctor’s office on 5/14 after all the other reactions. He gave me a steroid shot in the office and placed me on steroids for 6 days. This has helped the severity of my reactions, but still needing the epi-pens. And tons of Benadryl.

It’s going to be a long night.

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