Incredible value in a very reliable light kit – EcoGear’s T6X2 FX Flashlight Kit – 1600 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

I own a few of EcoGear FX’s flashlight’s and I haven’t been let down by one yet. The warmer months are coming, and that means more storms too. Having multiple of reliable flashlight’s is so important for that reason alone. I like to have a few flashlights per person in my home available at all times. I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review their T6X2 Flashlight Kit 1600 Lumen Ultra Bright and more, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.
In this kit you get 1 1600 Lumen flashlight, 2 18650 batteries, 1 battery case, 1 battery charger, and a AA ran bonus smaller flashlight. Every item in this kit was separately wrapped inside the box. Great care was put in to make sure the flashlights arrived in perfect condition. Each battery was even wrapped in it’s own box. Needless to say, everything was in perfect working order.
The 1600 lumen flashlight runs off of the 2 18650 rechargeable batteries included. I charged them fully with the included charger. They took about 7 hours to fully charge. There is a red light on the charger while the batteries are charging, it turns green when they are done. You can actually open this flashlight in two separate places. It unscrews at the top of the base where the pocket clip is, and at the bottom, near where the tail switch is. I highly suggest using the opening by the tail switch. It is much easier to close. The batteries enter the area near the tail switch + end towards the head (where the bulb is). The batteries have a nice, tight fit which is wonderful. There is no rattling with either of these lights. There is also a wrist strap already attached to this light. This light does having focusing capabilities. The beam focus is done by pushing the head of the light out. The beam focuses from x1 to x2000. There are focusing markings directly labeled on the side of the head of the light. It is very bright, 1600 lumens. I do not have the capability to test the lumens, but it will blind you, and it will brighten the way a good distance when outside at night. A Cree bulb is used in this flashlight. I love the clear light and the brightness you get from a Cree bulb. They tend to be the favorite of me and my husband. The length of this 1600 lumen flashlight is 8″. It has a 5 cycle capability. You compress the switch once to turn it on. It turns it on full brightness, then you half compress the tail switch, it will go to medium, half compress again to low, half compress again to strobe and half compress again to S.O.S. mode. I love the S.O.S. mode feature. It’s solid and crafted from aircraft grade aluminum. It’s one tough light. I’ve dropped it a few times, lol, and it’s still working strong.
The smaller flashlight is about 3 3/4″ long. I really like this little light. It’s an extremely convenient size to carry on you, in a pack, purse, or to even leave in your vehicle. It also has a pocket clip, but no wrist strap. This light is also constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum, and has the Cree bulb. It is run by 1 AA battery. They do not include this one battery. To turn it on and off, you compress a tail switch. It is nice and tight. The battery fits in nice and snug too, no rattling noted in this light either. This flashlight even has some focusing capabilities. I so wasn’t expecting that. It is also operated by pulling the head of the light out. There are no focusing markings on this light like on the 1600 lumen one. This light has a 3 cycle capability. You compress the tail switch to turn it on, half compress to go to low, and half compress again to get to the strobe mode. I can’t tell you the lumens on this light because it’s not noted, but it does have the Cree Q5 bulb in it. It is fairly bright.
I am impressed by this package and everything it entails. They are both pretty solid, and reliable lights. The only negative would be that the larger light can be some what tricky for some to open the battery compartment and then get it back on again, especially if you open it mid body instead of near the tail cap. We, as a family, own a few high end flashlights, and we enjoy these lights just as much. We rely on this brand just as much. My older son is ridiculously picky and normally only uses name brand expensive items. After seeing my first light from this company, he ordered himself one the night mine came in, lol. He said he couldn’t pass up such a good deal. I have to admit, I am an LED nut. You can never own too many lights. My background is nursing, and I 100% believe in being prepared for anything, safety first. I feel very comfortable in recommending this light kit.
If you would like to learn more about this flashlight kit, it can be seen here on Amazon:

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