These are incredible for your respiratory system! – Home Healthy’s Aromatherapy Blank White Nasal Inhaler Sticks & Glass Roller Bottles.



These are absolutely incredible. I am just so excited about them. I have asthma and intense, life threatening allergies. These are truly the answer for people with respiratory and sinus issues. I am beyond thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Home Healthy’s Aromatherapy Blank White Nasal Inhaler Sticks & Glass Roller Bottles at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In this set you will receive 12 inhaler stick sets and 2 10ml roller glass essential oil bottles. Big warning on putting the sets together. Do not practice putting a set together, lol. I did, it’s the nurse in me, lol. I practiced and put an inhaler stick together. They come in pieces, and you have to piece it together and add your oil of choice. Anyhow, I snapped the bottom cap on. You can’t get that off, lol. It snaps tight. So, to save yourself some stress, make sure you add oil to your wick before snapping the cap on. There are obviously some holes in the inhaler. With a dropper I can add my essential oil to the wick inside, so no worries.
I am allergic to many, many things. I have frequent anaphylactic reactions. This particular week has been really bad, and I have had 4. I can’t just use my albuterol all day long. It doesn’t work enough, and it’s not good for you. I use organic eucalyptus essential oil all the time. It really helps to open the sinuses and airways. I added this oil to my inhaler stick. It really amplifies it, and makes it so easy to carry with me. I can not stress enough how well this set up works. It’s absolutely amazing. It reminds me of a brand name that used to sell their chemical based product this way. Natural eucalyptus works much, much better and it’s so good for you too. This way is also  much cheaper. It’s a win, win situation. When you go to put it together you will notice that there is a white open tube, a wick, and a cap. The tube has the inhaler part in it. You can pull it out to look at it. You will notice the tiny holes it where the scent comes out. Place the wick in the tube, add 15-20 drops of your essential oil. I added 20. And then, snap the cap on. Now you are good to go. The roller bottles are just as easy. Fill it with your essential oil or oils of choice, snap in the roller top, and then screw on the black cap. You can make your own natural cologne, bug deterrent, or anything else you want to make. I tend to stick to respiratory and antibacterial blends.  I am absolutely in love with this product. It is making a great impact in our lives.

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