Green with Envy? – Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated 20oz Cruiser Tumbler with Lid.



green tumbler 1We have entered the age of the stainless steel tumbler, lol. They are popping up everywhere and from anyone, it seems. I love that too! These cups are amazing, amazing, amazing. We all use them daily in my household. They truly keep the cold drinks colder, longer, and the hot drinks, hotter, longer. I only have boring silver in my home though. So, I was beyond excited to be able to review this awesome bright green 20oz tumbler from Simply Modern on Amazon. I ordered the Candy Apple Green, but they do have it available in plain stainless steel, and 7 other powder coated colors. The finish of my green color is vivid, and smooth to the touch. So far so good with durability. The tumbler is constructed out of the 18/8 Stainless Steel I am used to seeing with these type of tumblers. The top does create a very tight seal, which is important for the insulation factor. It has the small mouth opening that I am also accustomed to. My thin stainless steel straws fit into it perfectly. My guys use this size all the time. They work on the road as commercial electricians, and depend on quality cups to carry their drinks. This size is great for cars. It fits into our cup holders without issue. The construction of this cup is the double walled construction, with a vacuum seal in between. That is what makes for the great insulation effects. I love that no matter what the temperature of the drink inside of the cup, the outside of the cup is never uncomfortable to touch and hold. Steamy hot drinks, no problem. Icy cold drinks, you can’t even tell. We do have the 20oz Yeti cup to compare this cup to, and it performs just as well! This cup is dishwasher safe, but I always hand wash everything, anyhow. Everyone always says, is the cup leakproof. Well, no, duh, lol. There is a whole in the lid. That always cracks me up. The seal itself is fantastic, and we have no leaing from around the seal. Fortunately, the drinking hole is small, and down from the edge. With regular walking, your fine and dandy. If you bend over to pick something up, and your cup is in your hand, it will leak out, lol. Yes, I have done that, and more than once too. We really love the bright green color. We call it Zombie Green, haha. It’s easy to spot, so hopefully, you won’t leave it on top of your car, or behind on your outing. You’ll be able to tell if a family member or coworker tries to claim it as theirs. We absolutely love it, and have no complaints. It’s a formidable challenger on the Stainless Steel Tumbler market.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated 20oz Cruiser Tumbler with Lid – Double Walled Stainless Steel Travel Mug

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

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