Great product to have in any first aid kit. – EasyHome’s Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Luxury Dual-Color OLED Display.


I decided to add this review to this blog site of mine, due to the importance of having one in a home of anyone who suffers from anaphylactic reactions.

I have been wanting to buy my own pulse oximeter for so long. I have a past history as a nurse, with a specialty in respiratory care. I think every household should have one, especially now that the price has come down so much. Too many people wait and wonder if they should seek help. Sometimes, they wait too long, and it’s too late to get the help they needed. This might help you make the decision sooner. I am thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review EasyHome’s Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Luxury Dual-Color OLED Display at a reduced price, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In the box you will get instructions, a neck strap, a storage case, the oximeter and 2 AAA batteries.
The bottom of the unit slides off easily to install the batteries. Then you just need to attach the neck strap, and peel the film off the top and it’s ready to go. You just press the on button on the top of the unit, and squeeze the back end. It will open and you slide your finger in just like at the doctor’s office. It’s no different. Just wait a few seconds and your pulse, the pulse wave, and your blood oxygen level will pop up on the screen. So easy to use. I have really wanted to get one so I can check myself. I have asthma and frequent anaphylactic reactions. So, this will really come in handy. I also have a highly stubborn mother, lol, who has smoked all her life. She struggles some times, and I’m hoping she will allow me to use this on her. She’s like a big gruff mama bear when it comes to her health, lol.
I love the pulse wave feature. You can see how steady it is, or unsteady. I wouldn’t take it too heart though. If you see your pulse jumping around though, take that to heart and call your doctor. The LED lighting display really makes the levels easy to see and read. I can have trouble seeing sometimes while in the middle and after an anaphylactic reaction, so I am really appreciating this feature. It will fit a child on up. I was easily able to take my 7 year olds pulse and 02 Sat rating. This oximeter is FDA approved. It can also be handy for sporting events you or your child are participating in. I know pilots need to have one with them too. They are just a common sense item to have in your first aid kit nowadays. If you push the power button more so on the right side of the button, it changes the direction of the screen display to suit your needs. My chest was hurting just now, so I did another reading. My SaO2 went down to 88%. I did some deep breathing, and used my albuterol inhaler and that brought my 02 Sat up to 99%.  My asthma presents differently, lol. It presents as chest pain for me. Yes, I have been through a gambit of tests by a pulmonologist, just to determine that I have asthma. It was like a duh, moment. But this just goes to show you how beneficial this pulse oximeter can be. I was just ignoring my symptoms.

If you are interested in purchasing one, it can be found here on Amazon:

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