Great for visiblity and safety – Bodhi Product’s Rechargeable Bike Light Set.

This is a fantastic light set up. Not only does it provide incredible visibility and safety on your bike, but it also works as a regular flashlight. I am thrilled that I was sent Bodhi Product’s Rechargeable Bike Light Set at a reduced rate in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I am an LED light nut. I truly believe you can’t have enough in your home in case of an emergency. Nothing is worse than being stuck in the dark overnight because the power went out. I also hate the feeling of passing a bicyclist on the road ,and the pit in the stomach feeling because you came so close to them. Dawn, Dusk, night time, bicyclists are so hard to see. A light like this would make them extremely visible and so much safer. My son used to go out for long bike rides, and make stops on the way. Sometimes he’d end up coming home while it was getting dark out. Time would get away from him. I know that happens to a lot of them. Having the light attachment on the fron of your bike would make you remember to attach the light before heading out.
This light comes with the handlebar attachment, a battery charger, 1 18650 rechargeable battery, 1 LED flashlight, 1 AAA battery adapter, and 1 red taillight. Unfortunately there are no instructions in the box, lol. You will get an email from the company though with full operating instructions. I’m glad they did. I couldn’t get the taillight to work until I read them. I know items with batteries normally have something to remove before you use them. just couldn’t find them. Just take the batteries out, the plastic shield will be evident. Remove it and you are good to go. Before you do anything, take the 18650 battery out of the big flashlight, plug the included charger in and charge that battery. It will take at least 5 hours to charge. There is another thin plastic disc in there too to remove before placing the fully charged 18650 battery back into the flashlight.
The taillight has it’s rubber strap attached. The light itself is made from aircraft grade aluminum. The on/off switch is the light itself. Compress it once to turn on flashing fast, press again to have slower flashing, and press again to have the red light stay on with no flashing. This light is removable from it’s rubber strap. The rubber strap hooks on. If you do a lot of bumpy riding, you may want to secure it further. More than likely it won’t come off, but I’m one of those better safe than sorry people, lol.
The big flashlight is separate from the handlebar attachment. The handlebar attachment is self explanatory to put on. It is very secure. The light fits in very snugly too. You really have to push the flashlight to get it into the holder. I think it’s great to have a light set up like this. If you need to get off your bike and it’s dark, you can remove the light. This light has focusing action too. You slide the head out to focus on a point, and push it all the way in to have the beam widespread. It’s labeled as x1 to x2000 on the side of the flashlight. The bevel is jagged. We call this a DNA catcher. If the worst happens and someone try’s to victimize you, the head of this light is sharp. It will scratch if not cut the perpetrator, getting some of there DNA. This light has the wrist strap already attached. Instead of using an 18650, you can use the AAA adapter and three AAA batteries. I think carrying the adapter and three AAA batteries as a backup in your bike back would be very handy to do. This is a very bright flashlight. Make sure you are pointing it light down when you put the battery in, or it will blind you. This light is made very well. The battery fits in nice and tight with the included battery sleeve. There is no rattling noted when you shake the flashlight. The tail switch is also very reactive. The body of this light is made of aircraft grade aluminum. They do not give a lumen rating on this light but they do stay it will light up to 500 ft. It is very bright and does light up a distance.
This is definitely a solid, and very useful set up and I feel comfortable in recommending it.
If you would like to read more about it, you can see it here on Amazon:

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