Great craftmanship. – SmileZone Jewelry’s 8mm Brushed Matte Finish Beveled Polished Edge Men’s Tungsten Ring.


Jewelry is a great way to express yourself. You don’t have to be a woman to wear it either. I like seeing guys in jewelry. My husband wears other rings besides his wedding ring, and so do my 2 older sons. I really like this ring from SmileZone Jewelry. I ordered it for my husband in a 10 ½. I have a sizer chart from a Jeweler. It is true to size. They also have, on the ad page, a measuring guide for you to follow. It is actually easy to follow too. I love the ring I picked out for my husband. It has a lot of style without being too much. He can wear it as a wedding band, or regular ring. It’s a comfort fit ring too, and really smooth on it’s underside. It’s really comfortable on. He really likes it. It’s 8mm wide, and has the dual finish on it. This ring was made out of Tungsten Carbide. This metal is stronger and more durable than Stainless Steel, but not as strong as Titanium. It’s a really durable ring, and should last a really long time. This Tungsten ring resists scratches really well. We are not new to Tungsten rings, and this ring is thick and made quite well. It is not flimsy at all. There is no bending or denting this ring. If you do bend it or dent it, it was done with some force, and on purpose. Otherwise, your finger would be crushed with the ring, which would be horrible. The craftsmanship is apparent in this ring. I really can’t believe the price. You really can’t beat it. It’s currently priced at $14.99 which I think is amazing. The ring arrives in a very handsome gift box as well. So, it really makes a great gift. They are even offering the ring in sizes 7.5 to 12. I really can’t say enough positive. It’s a great ring.

I was afforded the opportunity to review SmileZone Jewelry’s 8mm Brushed Matte Finish Beveled Polished Edge Men’s Tungsten Ring Wedding Bands, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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