Fresh coffee when you want it. – YINGMO’s French Press 3 Cup 12oz Coffee, Espresso & Tea Maker.


I am pretty fond of the French Press. They really do enable you to have fresh brewed coffee, and so quickly too. This particular one from Yingmo is a great personal French Press. If you are single, or are the only one that really drinks coffee, this is great for you. My guys work on the road a lot, and a French press can be carried with you. You just need a microwave or hot pot, to heat up your water. This particular press is a 12oz press. It’s great for a single person that enjoys a large cup of coffee. Everyone in my household sure does. This unit is made out of 18/8 Stainless Steel, Plastic, and Borosilicate glass. This is the type of glass used for beakers, and much more. It can tolerate high temperatures, and is more durable than regular glass. The plastic parts enable you to hold it with such hot water in it. The stainless will not rust on you, and is so durable and long lasting. It will not leach chemicals into your yummy coffee either. Either will the Borosilicate glass. First, pour your coffee grounds into the French Press. Then, pour in your hot, steamy water. Let it sit for approx.. 4 minutes, and then, slowly press the plunger down. Do it very slowly, and it compresses your grounds down to the bottom of the French Press. You want to make sure you use course grounds. This will eliminate little grounds in your coffee. When you pour your coffee, make sure you leave the plunger compresses. You leave it compressed the entire time there’s coffee in it. You can brew your tea in here as well; just compress your tea leaves. Any specialty drink really. This is a great way to carry your pot outside on the porch with you, to be able to enjoy a fresh refill at your table. You can sit outside and chat with a friend, and not have to leave the table to refresh your yummy cup of hot tea or coffee. It’s small and so portable for travel too. Since it’s not a plugged in appliance, you can use it at your desk at work, or in a hotel room. It’s so easy to clean as well. I hand wash everything, but it is dishwasher safe! This is a great single serving press. It has not let our grounds into our coffee. If you do a specialty, strong coffee, or tea, you can fill a few shot style glasses with this press. Once you use a French Press, you’ll love it. We certainly do.

I was afforded the opportunity to review YINGMO’s French Press 3 Cup 12oz Coffee, Espresso & Tea Maker for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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